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newbie looking for nice suit in Toronto

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I've always had to wear suits (in sales). Since I moved to my current company, I've always been able to get by with International Clothier stuff. My best suit is a suit I bought from Moores.

My co-worker always been half-jokingly tease me about my cheap suits which I am fully aware of.. but hey, I got tonnes of bills and loans. Of course I know Harry Rosen has lots of nice suits but I can't afford their cheapest one.

Something amazing happen on Wed. I've achieved my targets consistently.. this month, I really blew them away with a few big wins. My boss told me to get a really nice suit and just give him the receipt and he will reimburse me. I asked him how much is the budget.. he said just get something nice but within 'REASON'

That's the main reason for my posting! What is within reason for a really nice suit?

I know my boss buys from Harry Rosen a lot so I am 99% made up my mind that I will go there to get a suit ... almost a dream come true. But what should I get?? What is my limit??

I am kinda afraid to to keep asking my boss.. he is the impatient type.. I am afraid the more I ask he'll take back his offer.

Want to get some opinion what I should get at Harry Rosen?? and how much is within reason??

Thanks in advance for anyone who could give me some advice.
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Toronto's not a great place to buy a suit.

I have had luck at Gotstyle on King Street W. For $600-800 you should be able to get something slim, modern, and half-canvassed. The brand I bought was called "SAND".

Be sure to go with solid navy or grey.
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Thanks for the advice. I think I already set my mind to Harry Rosen and to a designer brand. The cheapest suit at Harry Rosen is like $1000. I think my boss is willing to pay at least that.

Question is whether its $1500 or maybe up to $3000 or more is considered reasonable for a nice suit???

also.. another reference point about my boss, one of the top performer in our company, my boss bought him a BMW as a yearly bonus earlier this year!! But that guy really made ALOT of money for my boss... I am no where close to that... but still made him decent money this month.

Since this is my first suit and I don't have to pay for it, I am going to get it at a nice store and a well recognized brand.

Here is a few brand I had in mind

Hugo Boss
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Skip Hugo Boss Skip D&G (mainline Dolce is better but too expensive -- then again, someone else is paying) Personally I'd say skip Armani too And I wouldn't blow $3K of my boss's money without any idea how much he expected me to spend, for what it's worth. Get the cheapest thing that suits you (pun intended) and maybe he'll appreciate both your improved look and your restraint.
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It's going to be impossible for anyone on here to know what your boss thinks is 'reasonable' for a suit. There are plenty of people who would think spending over $400 on a suit is ridiculous, then there are others who routinely spend over $4000...

Originally Posted by Fast Eddie View Post
Here is a few brand I had in mind

Hugo Boss

Of these options Canali or Zegna (as long as it's not Z Zegna) would be the best choice. Make sure you get the right size. Many people buy suits that are too big, if you're boss is buying this for you I expect he wants you to look good in it.
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Welcome Eddie. 1. I'm taking a stab here, but to the average person, even your high flying boss, I'd assume $1000-1500 would be "reasonable". 2. As for recomendations, PLEASE search the forum. There are several threads dedicated specifically to finding a suit in Toronto. Lists of stores, retail maps, price comparisons, etc. It's all there. I mean, for starters, a simple search of Toronto + Suit in the title brings up:
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If you really want those brands, you can get them for half off or more at Holt Renfrew Last Call. It is in the vaughan mills shopping center.
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Also, be aware that this is a further chance to show what you can do with money -- if you come up with a quality suit at a killer deal, it will reinforce any good opinion your boss has of you. If you overspend on relative junk it'll go the other way.
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Thanks everyone for all your valueable suggestions! Especially about not trying to go overboard about the limit even if my boss is willing to pay that much... that's a really good point, I didn't really think of that... I know he has some Canali and another one he wears quite a bit that I haven't heard of before, Broni or something but I am sure it should be a pretty nice brand.

Colour wise, I am thinking about a Charcoal gray or Deep Navy Blue... anyway, for those interested, I will keep you posted on what I ultimately got. Planning to go after work this coming Thurs

Thanks again for everyone's feedback!
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I agree with Yellman, there's a lot of decent cheap stuff available at Holt Renfrew Last Call. I remember seeing a Zegna Traveller mainline in Navy with blue stripes for a bit over a grand, and a Brioni for 2 grand, and Isaia suits were about 1.6 grand, plus at the time there was an extra 20% off on all suits. You could also check out the Harry Rosen outlet for Canali stuff, or go to Tom's Place for some Corneliani.
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If you want to still shop at Harry Rosen, there is the the JP Tilford by Samulsohln, way better quality than Hugo Boss. I would also go down to Brooks Brothers underneath RBC's Head Office, they do have a sale on right now, you could get a decent deal on the 1818 line. Now I would only recommend this if you are more at the advanced stage, go upstairs at Toms Place and you can get a decent deal either a Corneliani or a Pal Zileri suit. There is life after Moores and International Clothiers, once you try on a really nice suit even OTR, you won't go back.
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I would personally not patronize Rosen or Holt's, but go to a place like Tom's Place in Kensington. You can search this board about their selection; my experience has been some excellent finds, good selection for my size (38R), somewhat pushy but knowledgeable salesmen/women. Gotstyle's styles are too hip for businesswear IMHO, but some if their lines (Sand) are quite nice.
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You can also try the Heartland Centre in Mississauga. Harry Rosen has a clearance outlet there. Ask to see fully canvassed suits in J.P Tilford, Samuelshon, Canali or Zegna Bring a Sharpie marker with you. Traditionally, Harry Rosen clearance will put a black mark or take scissors to the label of anything they sell at clearance prices to prevent returns at their main stores. Before purchasing, you tell them that you will put the black mark on the label yourself at purchase, or you won't buy there. This way you get to choose where the mark will go. I am sure they will accommodate you, and if they do not, tell them to go f**k themselves. PS- Go very lightly with that Sharpie or the ink will go right through the fabric if you are to heavy-handed or too slow. Practice at home first.
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Also check out Stagione on Toronto St.

I've picked up items from there for half of what HR or Holts sells for.
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If you dont know much about suits, stick to harry rosen rather than last call or the outlets.

Get a Zegna or Canali, 1500-2000.

Chances are your boss isnt a part of SF, so he will appreciate these brands as a top quality suit.

Get something that fits great in a conservative color, but fit is most important. Try every suit on in the store if you have to. (Within your budget).

Also, all the sales are happening now, (Or may be over, but check it out) and that will also help cut cost.

If he is wearing Brioni, than he is spending upwards of 3000 as it is.

So a good outline to follow would be half of what he is paying.

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