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Originally Posted by pkincy
Which John Lobb did the Chest?

John Lobb Paris, there's one in the Madison Ave. store.

I guess it doesn't matter as I'll bet my cabinetmaker could convert one of the drawers in my new office cabinetry to shoe storage!!!!

Standard file cabinet drawer is only 9.5" high, not high enough to store shoes vertically same way with the JL chest does.

To answer Z's original question, I think to most efficient way to store shoe is with bookcases with extra shelves. For example, a bookcase 7 ft. high 3.5 ft. with 5" between each shelf has 16 shelves, each shelf can store 5 pairs of shoes to a total of 80 pairs for the whole bookcase. Of course you need to lose all the original shoe boxes, they take up too much space. Check out down in Soho, they have some real nice bookcases custom made to your specifications.
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Originally Posted by zjpj83
I really don't want to have to buy another bedroom just to store clothes in the City.

So what are the best shoe storage options? Anyone have good solutions? Are the racks my best option, and I just have too many clothes?

Imagine that, no one suggested he has too many clothes!
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I think this is a good solution -- I saved this picture from a while back when I asked about nice shoe racks. I thought I could get an inexpensive furniture maker to make it for me (had I the time, I'd make it myself):

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You could always have a carpenter build you something to fit the decor of your apartment and put a shoe rack near the entrance. You might even have each row sit behind a glass door that would flip up and in to keep them from getting dusty. Could you cut in to the wall so that it doesn't protrude or protrudes less? Personally, if I had a marvelous collection of shoes, I'd want them on display, whether in their own closet or in some other manner. Keeping them in boxes is definitely using up more space than you need to.

Btw, how many pairs are we talking about here? If we're talking over 50 pairs maybe it's time to cull the lesser ones?
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I store mine underneath my bed. Unfortunately it's not the tidiest solution. I've been thinking about building a sliding L-shaped shelf so that a panel of wood hides the shoes and I can pull it out and see everything at once.

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These boxes are pretty nice, although a little pricey.
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