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RLPL made in England

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I've been seeing quite a bit of NWT RLPL made in England recently on Ebay. Where is this coming from? Does some store have a large amount of dead stock they are selling now (as St. Andrews has made RLPL suits for several years)?

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Well if you see anything interesting in a 40R, throw me a bone as I'm in the market for a quality 40R suit. There is a lot of RLPL England stuff on the bay now. Judging by some of the styles, it looks like real early RLPL. No idea where this stuff is coming from.
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Was it Chester Barrie that made for RLPL before Saint Andrews? This would be from a while ago, but would be excellent if you like the structured style. I've never seen any of it, and it's possible, I guess, that Ralph Lauren had it made to a different cut.
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Great question, I was wondering exactly the same thing.

I have seen about 20 suits in the last 2 months with NWT that had to be older suits.
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