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How to get the jude law hair style

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Hi, I was wondering once you have the hair cut how do you style the hair like this, which products do you uses and how do you do it. I have naturally quite thin hair that's normally straight. Looking at other pictures of him i don't think it's far from his normal hair type. Cheers for the advice.
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Take picture into salon for cut. If you have the dough, part of the reason his hair looks that way is due to the 2 tone colors. It creates the illusion of greater density. So get either highlights or lowlights depending on your natural color. Use a hair texturizing product such as Jonathan Antin Dirt to stick it up. Other brands will work fine as well. Your hair stylist can also recommend a product.
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start balding. hair length same all over. then make a faux hawk with putty or some shit...
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His hair has wave/curl. If yours doesn't you will not get his hairstyle.
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cut your head off....cut his head off....switch heads.
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