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You know you're a fop when...

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How can you tell when your interest in dressing well has descended into the depths of foppery? At what point do you belong in The Scarlet Pimpernel?

Are there telltale signs of this affliction? Is this something one can determine for oneself, or must you wait until your friends stage an intervention?
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So, NOW we know what Labelking looks like. It's nice to put a name with a face. (LK knows I'm just kidding... he'd never be caught dead in an ensemble like that. The feather is MUCH too small).


ETA: I just read LK's Store "scarf/tie" thread AFTER I posted this originally. I love LK's posts, so I don't want this to be read as adding to that drama.
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whats a fop?
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^ There's a good definition linked in the first post.

Personally, I sometimes quite deliberately assume some mild foppish traits (acting more obsessed with clothes or appearance or being somewhat effette in mannerism) esp. if I need to persuade certain types of person to do something - these people will routinely underestimate you, making it much easier to negotiate with them.

This tactic works best on overly confident or overly aggressive people - it confuses and disarms them and leads to their assuming a false sense of superiority.
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Wow, that's a negotiating tactic I've never heard of before.
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Oh, that's a classic---and often effective. Women can do the same sort of thing to good effect as well.
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Originally Posted by Smooth Genes
whats a fop?

A dandy gone wrong.
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Here's my little club:

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I guess there are worst things than being a dandy or fop, then again......
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If you ever see me looking like this, please shoot me.

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