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Originally Posted by javyn
Homme, I can't comment on the Musgo balm, but I think Coral Skin Food is very good.

Luc, I have a life, and does the fact that I dont' have a girlfriend, but have sex often put a damper on your negative image of me?

After a very rough shave, the Musgo aftershave balsam does a good job of calming the skin, and relieving the raw or burned skin feeling, but doesn't do as good of a job for me at reconditioning the skin for a shave the next day. This may well just be me, though, as I have extremely sensitive skin when it comes to the razor, and can rarely pull off a close shave two days in a row no matter what combination of techniques and products I try.

After a normal and not especially destructive shave, though, the Musgo balsam (which can double as a pre-shave and has a nice smell, though different from the shave cream and the bar soaps) does an admirable job. It has a lot of good ingredients (marshmallow, eucalyptus, peppermint, licorice, etc. extracts, plus some Aloe or shea butter - I don't remember which) for reducing and healing irritation.

But the Musgo Balsam also has beeswax to provide a microthin layer to protect the newly shaven face from the elements, which can be good if you've had a very close or irritating shave and/or it's a windy or otherwise active weather day.
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Well i bought the coral skin food, along with a tub of the rose cream ... should receive them on friday, in time for my saturday morning shave before work. Also have a tub of trumpers almond on its way from a guy on the shavemyface forum. There is a place not far from my uni with musgo real products .. might get a tube of cream and the balsam; and that will do me for shaving goods for a year or two. Then it's back to clothing and scotch.
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Rose and excellent combination. Good luck with limiting your purchases at that! A year ago I swore that Proraso and Musgo would be the only shaving products I'd buy!
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Very simple routine.

Pears soap, to wash.

Cocoa butter, to soften whiskers.

Edge gel, for 'lather.'

Gillette Fusion, to shave.

Avon vitamin charged toner, to soothe.

Moisturizer, of my choice.
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Originally Posted by tbrosnan
The Shisdeido men's line is available in the US and internationally as Zirh ( and is sold at higher end department stores (even Macy's though) at the men's fragrance counters.

Ahh interesting. I do have a ZIRH product (their deodorent) that I love. I never knew it was a Shiseido product, though I've always been fond of their make up on women.
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My newest acquisitions:

1. yellow handle: Amco, carbon steel
2. amber/brown handle: Pipe Razor, Sheffield steel

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