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What painting am i thinking of?

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Guys, From those "cool t-shirt" threads, I was looking to get a brown t-shirt printed with that famous Japanese painting. You know... that one. It's painted mostly in white and blue, very stylized, and features a massive tidal wave, coming from the left, about to engulf a boat bobbing around in the surf. Supposedly one of the most famous Japanese paintings ever - can't remember the name for the life of me. Anyone? EDIT: This is it, but I'd need a much bigger copy...
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It's by Hokusai, from his series Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji. I don't remember the specific title off-hand of the one though, maybe the Great Wave or something. EDIT: quick Google searching turns up something along the lines of "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa," though due to translation and all that I'm sure the "Great Wave" works as well in English, although the "Kanagawa" might be needed just to differentiate it as a Japanese painting.
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From a Western art historical canon, its called "Great Wave" by Hokusai. Otherwise, aybojs was right on in his description. FWIW, those of you living in the Bay Area can view an authentic woodblock print in one of the San Francisco museums (I believe its the Asian Art Museum/Palace of Fine Arts compound). norcal
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Awesome. Thanks, Aybojs (and also Norcal). And in the interests of further edumacating me, what is an Aybojs, and how do I pronounce it?
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Actually it doesn't have any real meaning. Generally I use different screen names for the different types of forums I frequent (e.g. I use this handle for fashion/clothing forums, another one for political discussion forums, another for computer-related stuff, etc.). No compelling reason, just like to keep my interests seperate I guess. At any rate, the first time I signed up for a men's clothing forum (it was either here or the more mainstream one at, I was too lazy to think of something so I just punched some random letters in with my finger and used that. I guess you'd just pronounce the letters individually as if they were abbreviated, sorry there's nothing profound or interesting behind the handle. Also, I have to say you have a neat idea in considering getting a famous piece of artwork printed on a shirt. I may have to look into that myself. By the way, if you want pursue an interest in Hokusai, the dude had a pretty freaky imagination that doesn't show up in his nice nature paintings. Look up The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife if you're curious.
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This thread gave me an idea - I once saw a painting belonging to a friend and have been trying to figure out where I can get a copy ever since. He says he bought it at a department store many years ago - it's not an original so I'm hoping it is something I can get a copy of. It is of a Flamenco dancer (lady,) her back is turned towards the viewer (but not her whole body,) if I remember correctly her arm was in the air - basically a classic dance pose. It wasn't done in a completely realistic style but it wasn't abstract either. The colors were extremely vivid and rich - mostly I remember the blazing oranges. It was quite stunning and I wanted it instantly. As you can see I have little knowledge of art and am bad at describing it, but I'm hoping ya'll can help me pin this one down.
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Was it a painting of Carmen Amaya?
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First off, hi. I have been really enjoying the old posts on this forum (as this indicates) over the course of a Sunday afternoon. A Harris - the painting you are thinking of is almost certainly "El Jaleo" by John Singer Sargent. It hangs at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston if you are interested in visiting it in person while you are in town for the Vass show at Louis Boston (or is that over already?)(
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