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Right to an exchange

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Could someone help me clarify my right to an exchange under Uk trading law?

I was given a pair of APC New Standards as a present, so no receipt.

Worn around 3/4 times around the house. The stictching which holds the button placket in has come loose, so theres basically a massive hole to the right of the fly buttons. The denim hasn't ripped, its just the stitching. (sorry I would post a pic but i'm at work). They are clearly brand new still as they are stiff as a board.

Sent a quick email to APC to see if I could get these replaced at the London shop as that would save so much hassle, as opposed to either sending back via post or finding out which shop they were bought from. They seem to think they only have to replace/exchange if it was bought directly throught their shop.

Does the manufacturer (APC) have a duty to replace these? If they do not feel they do, can I invoke the Sale of Goods act 1979?
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Couldn't you figure out a fix on your own, and save everyone the hassle? After all, you can't be sure that you are 110% without fault by having worn them 3 or 4 times; some garments get worn fewer times than that in their lifetimes. Beyond that, APC has many styles of distribution, and without knowing which channel it came from, I don't think you should demand that one channel that may have not dealt the piece be required to replace it. This is like getting a bad burger at McDonald's and then driving down the road awhile, and walking into a separate McDonald's and asking for an exchange.
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I doubt it since they've got the conditions for return on the front page so they'd claim it's clearly stated. If I were you I'd just send them to Denim Doctor or another repair shop, but if you don't want to go through all that find out where the gift's donor bought them from and see if that retailer would be willing to do an exchange. Or you could put them up on eBay and just cut the loss.
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It just seems ridiculous that if something is faulty, and realisitically its a pair of jeans, they're not going to break after 4 wears, you can't ask for a replacement from the manufacturer.

If you bought a car and the door fell off, you wouldnt just cut your losses and sell it, neither would you pay for the repair yourself. I think the same goes for any item, whether a pair of jeans, pair of shoes or a burger. Though i'm not sure how a burger could be repaired
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here, minus all the smart ass technical answers I have for you, you need to do this if you're going to have a chance of exchanging the pants: get the gift giving friend to tell you where they were bought, and obviously some receipt of some sort would help matters, and then go in with some respect and ask what they can do. I have bought an APC shirt that lost one of its snap closures, I took it back to where I bought it, and they took it back without even saying a word, and handed me a new one in packaging.
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Thanks for the info and for refraining from the smart ass technical answers.
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