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A non-inclusive list:

Suits: Samuelsohn (including Paul Stuart), Brooks Golden Fleece, Zegna, Harrison James by Isaia, Oxxford, Norman Hilton, Haspel (seersucker)

Sport coats: Norman Hilton, Samuelsohn (PS), Oxxford, Brooks Brothers, Turnbull & Asser, Zegna, Brioni

Shirts: Custom from Meena Bazaar in India, Brooks Bros., Robert Talbott, Carlo Franco, Hilditch & Key, Charles Tyrwhitt, Lewin, etc.

Casual shirts/polos: RL Polo, Brooks Bros., Barry Bricken, Gap (polos), Burberry, BR, too many to remember

Trousers: Barry Bricken, Hickey Freeman, Canali, Polo, random khakis (Polo, Brooks, Gap, Dockers, etc.)

Ties: Nicky, Charles Hill/T&A, Breuer, Carlo Franco, Brooks Brothers, Robert Talbott (regular and BOC), Drake's, RLPL, Paul Stuart, Ben Silver, Zegna, Etro, Richard James, Atkinson's, Beretta, Hanauer (bow ties), etc.

Shoes: Grenson, Allen Edmonds, Crockett & Jones (Tom James), Footjoy, Brooks Bros (white bucs), Nettleton, Paraboot (on the way)

Overcoats: Oxxford, Brooks Bros., J Press, Nautica trenchcoat (hey, it's not that bad and I almost never wear it)

General outerwear: John Partridge quilted jacket, Lodenfrey duffle, Gap rain shell, Gap zip up windbreaker, Carhartt barn coat

Pocket squares: mostly vintage, Lehner, Bloch Freres, Hanauer, Robert Talbott, Brooks Bros (white linen), T&A

Socks: a hodge-podge, Pantherella, Polo, BR, JCrew, etc.

Cufflinks: mostly vintage, Belais/HWK, Krementz, Tiffany, Jos A Bank (sterling knots), Jem link, various unknown/unmarked

Braces: Trafalgar, Faconnable

Briefcases: Atlas, Peal, Smythson, Atlantic nylon rolling office
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Suits: Bespoke, Belvest, Luciano Barbera, Corneliani, Zegna

Sport coats: Kiton, Belvest, Isaia, RLPL

Shirts: Borrelli, Lorenzini, Truzzi, Brioni, Fray, Finamore

Casual shirts/polos: Coast, Zegna

Trousers: Incotex, Brioni, Zanella, Luciano Barbera

Casual pants/jeans: Zegna, Loro Piana, Cucinelli

Sweaters: Louis Boston (private label, I don't know who makes them), Isaia, Malo, Avon Celli, RLPL, Scott Hill, Brioni, Cucinelli

Shoes: Sutor Mantellasi, Crockett & Jones, Bonora, Henderson, Alden

Overcoats: Seraphin, Sartoria Napoletana (sp?), Schneiders
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This is going to be interesting.

Corneliani (by far)
Luciano Barbera
eBay special Zegna-clothed suit (don't remember the manufacturer)
Men's Wearhouse (the horrors - a single navy conservative suit though - wilol work for interviews)

Corneliani (will probably sell it at some point, don't see myself wearing an odd jacket rather than a suit)

Land's End customs
Omicron (brand from back home)
Nordstrom's house brand
Lots of others I don't remember

Allen Edmonds
& one of each of the following:
Polo RL
New Balance
Sandro Moscoloni
Dr. Martens
Banana Republic

Carlo Franco
Several other brands I don't remember
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In order of greatest numbers, to the best of my memory:

Suits (1 each): Oxxford MTM, WW Chan, Luciano Barbera, Canali, Hield, Piattelli for Barney's, Saks Private Label, HSM

Jackets: Oxxford MTM, Samuelsohn MTM, Lands' End

Trousers: Zanella, Brioni, Zegna, Canali, Ballin, Burberry, Incotex for Pal Zilieri

Shirts: Lands' End "custom" and RTW, Brooks MTM

Shoes: Ferragamo, Alden, John Lobb RTW, Grenson, Polo RL (C&J), Bruno Magli, RLPL (Edward Green), Testoni, Allen-Edmonds

Ties: too many to list

Casual pants: Lands' End, Levis
Casual shirts: too many to list
Socks: Gold Toe, Lands' End
Underwear: 2Xist, Hanes

Outerwear: Burberry trench, LLBean car coat, Levi's jean jacket, Berman leather jacket, North Face down jacket

Watches: Oris, Seiko, Swatch
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Good thread. It's nice to see what other member's have in their wardrobes. I'd like to see some of the newer members add to this one...
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Brooks Bros MTM

Brooks MTM
TM Lewin

Ferrigamo Tremezza
Allen Edmonds (I am in the process of replacing most of them)

Gieves & Hawkes
J Crew (casual weekend stay-at-home stuff)

Banana Republic (I used to work there... )

J Crew

Ben Silver
Rubinacci (only one but I had to mention it)


And then an assortment of other brands here and there...
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No doubt much to the chagrin of many on this board my wardrobe is heavily weighted towards Gianni Versace, largely because I wear a lot of black, I'm a slim build so the cut fits me beautifully, and i like the aesthetics of the casual wear and various lines. That includes everything from suits (over 15), undies, socks, belts, jeans, casual shirts and tees, cufflinks, sunnies, wallet, keyring, briefcases, shoes (business, casual and sneakers), hell even home furnishings like Champagne flutes, stoppers, fountain pens, silk cushions, etc.

Also have lots of Kiton and Brioni (mostly suits), and Richard James (esp. ties - over 70!!), AE shoes, C&J shoes, Gucci shoes and suits, shirts by Charvet, CT, Zegna, cufflinks by Duchamp and tateossion and so much more!!!! I have 3 double cwardrobes of clothes: 14 pairs of jeans (all black), 33 suits (31 fully canvassed), 60 pairs of shoes, 180 ties, 14 belts, 16 casual black jackets, 7 pairs of sunnies (one for every day of the week), 70 pairs of undies, etc.

Yes, I have a problem.
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Suits: Dior ,Canali,Paul Smith,Gucci ,Kiton,Brioni and soon Rubinacci...

Ties: Brioni,YSL,Dior,Hermes,Celine,Burberry

Shoes: John Lobb,JM WESTON,Berluti,Anthony Delos bespoke and Gaziano&Girling bespoke...
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Interesting thread resurrection.

Let see how my wardrobe has changed from last time, over a year ago, again using a rough order of frequency & again missing out lots of one-offs I can't remember...

Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post
Suits: Ede & Ravenscroft, Brioni, RLPL, Austin Reed
Shirts: Zegna, E & R, Sulka, Brioni, H&K, RL Polo (casual), Loro Piana (polos)
Odd jackets & trousers: Loro Piana, RL Polo, M&S
Ties: Everything under the sun. The only big name not represented is probably Kiton I think.
Shoes: Ferragamo, Lobb, C&J, Loake, Paul Smith, Oliver Sweeney,
Socks: almost all M&S
Pocket squares: almost all Tie Rack

Suits: Ede & Ravenscroft, RLPL, Brioni
Shirts: Zegna, RLPL, Ede, Sulka, RL Polo (casual), Loro Piana (polos)
Odd jackets/trousers: RLPL, RL Polo, Ede, Loro Piana, M&S
Shoes: Ferragamo Tramezza, Ferragamo, Loake, C&J, Oliver Sweeney
Socks: M&S, Pantherella
Pocket squares: Tie Rack, Kent Wang, Ede
Tie: still a little of everything

So I guess the main changes have been some more Ede & RLPL suits, jackets and shirts, as well as more Tramezzas and some better socks & squares. Not bad progress I think.
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Brooks Brothers, J. Press, T&A, Tyrwhitt, some Lewin, Lands End, L.L. Bean, Chester Barrie, Southwick, Polo RL, Express (jeans and the like), Allen Edmonds, Alden, C&J, some obscure made in England shoes, Charvet, Talbott, Matuozzo, Kiton, etc. etc.
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Billy Reid, Burberry, Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren
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I am surprised not an eric glennie among the bunch. what is wrong with you people??
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Suits - Raphael, Shattuck, Barbera, Castangia, Isaia, RLPL, Brioni, Saint Andrews, Kiton, Belvest, Cifonelli Sportcoats - Barbera, Brioni, Isaia, Boglioli, Zegna, RLPL, Pal Zileri Sartoriale, Saint Andrews, Belvest, Cifonelli, Zegna Napoli Coture Trousers - Barbera, Incotex, Oxxford, Valentini, Borrelli, RLPL, Paul Stuart "Phineas", Pal Zileri Sartoriale, Brioni, Malo, Cividini, Cucinelli Shirts - Geneva Bespoke, Borrelli,, Kiton, Lorenzini, Charvet, Fianmore, Truzzi, Barba, Fray, Loro Piana, H&K Sweaters- Avon Celli, Loro Piana, Malo, Cucinelli, Ballantyne, Zegna, Cruciani, Cividini, Fedeli, Della Ciana Knit shirts and polos - Lacoste, Cruciani, Smedley, RLPL, Barbera Outerwear - Barbera, Loro Piana, Valstar, Barbour, Ruffo, Seraphin, La Matta, Brioni, Zegna, Longhi, Schiatti, Arnys, Zegna, Schneiders, Moncler Overcoat/Raincoat - Burberry, Allegri, Turist Dress shoes - Vass, Edward Green, Grenson Masterpieces, Lobb, Santoni, St. Crispin's, Martegani, Alden, Scafora Bespoke, Fenestrier, Weston, Carmina Casual shoes - Paraboot, Tods Ties - Barbera, Kiton, Brioni, Borrelli, Charvet, Breuer, Nicky, Isaia, Loro Piana, Holliday&Brown, Drake's, Sam Hober, Vacca, Mimo Spano, Zegna Napoli Couture Socks - Pantherella, Paul Stuart, Bresciani,Gallo Belts/Braces - Trafalgar, Longhi, Orciani, Thurston
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Suits: Kiton, Brioni, Luciano Barbera, Dunhill, Canali, Isaia, Canali, Versace, Armani, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Ralph Lauren Blue Label, Donna Karan New York Black Label, Donna Karan Gold Lable

Sportscoast: Luciano Barbera, Isaia, Versace, Armani, Ralph Lauren (Black and Blue Labels)

Shirts: Kiton, Cesare Attolini, Stefano Ricci, Fray, Borrelli, Finamore, Versace, Armani, Zegna, Barba, Ralph Lauren (Purple, Black & Blue), Loro Piana, Avon Celli, Lorenzini

Trousers: Oxxford, Kiton, Borrelli, Attolini, Incotex, Zanella, Luciano Barbera, Ralph Lauren (Purple, Black and Blue), Zegna, Cucinelli, Avon Celli

Sweaters: Avon Celli, Loro Piana, Kiton, Malo, Cucinelli, Luciano Barbera, Brioni, Ralph Lauren (Purple, Black, and Blue). Ballyntyne, Armani, Donna Karan New York Gold Label, Sulka, Brioni

Shoes: Allan Edmonds, Ralph Lauren Purple and Blue Labels, Ferrogamo, Bally, Bruno Magli, Borrelli

Leather Jackets: Loro Piana, Armani, Ralph Lauren (purple, black, and blue), Avon Celli

Of course, I need five closets to store over 200 cashmere sweaters, 25 leather jackets.....
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Shirts-mostly Borrelli and Kiton
Jackets - Barbera and Isaia
Suits - Barbera, Isaia, Prada
Shoes - Lobb, Berluti, Mantelassi,
Pants - Cucinelli
Sweaters - Cucinelli
Jeans - Levis LVC
Casual Shirts and pants - RRL
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