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Bumping this up because I'd like an update on that RM like wallet BlvdDandy said he got.
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I'd seen these at Fred Segal and thought they looked cool but never tried em over the weekend I saw these again, tried it on, and realized this is one of the best fitting jeans on me that I have worn. The orange selvage is very cool, different without being garish, and the riri zipper is a nice touch. Not sure what this "gimmick" is that's being referred to as it's a simple, minimalist, non-logo'd, japanese denim jean. I like the bright orange Nudie-ish stitching and the fit (regular straight slim) is like the Nudie Slim Jim but etter made. Bought a pair, and it's def at the top of my rotation

*and +1 on the unbleached weft
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That's two recs from the pros, kids (tays was sporting a pair in WAYWT not long ago); I think consensus might be shifting a bit...
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I tried these on at Fred Segal a couple of years ago and I can vouch for the fit - perfect really. At the time I was less accustomed to paying $200 for jeans so I shied away. I'm not crazy about the orange cast but I suspect that will mellow after a few washes.
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Originally Posted by rnrswitch
Yeah i saw them down at the blue bee here in Santa Barbara. The leather is beautiful. Remember to leave it out in the sun for a couple of days to tan it. I wonder if there is any way to get a belt to be made of saddle leather. Hmm.
Edit: Found my answer.
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Originally Posted by dhinggok
rogans are flimsy? i mean, i understand if i was wearing them hard for them to wear and tear soon. however, i just wear my jeans for going to class and walking around. well, nice jeans like the at least. are you telling me that for just walking around, having lunch, hanging out, etc. they aren't going to last me 6-8 months?
the three rogan that I own have all ripped or had some similar issue. One pair literally shredded the first day I wore them. The tags that come on the jeans warn you about this like it is a good thing....Go for the jean shop if It is just between those two choices.
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