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yea I did.. mentioned that i usually take sz30, but had to get sz28 for the somets.

could button them up with just a little trouble initially, and they've stretched out just abit to make it comfortable but not loose... still stiff enough to give me lines on the thighs from the weird darts! great stuff

not sure about initial measurements, but the waist measures 15.5" laid flat now. do note that they're really meant to be worn at the hips (no bullshit, we're talking 8" front rise)..
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Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 View Post
There you go braid--did you size down for these, gshen?

I said faded pics.
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I'll take some pictures when they get back from the tailor. Breathe.
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I size down one.. could have gone for 2 as gshen... for that very fitted look... so guys... do size down 2 if you can...
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In comparison to APC sizes and sizing down: I wear a 31 in a rescue (31 ns would barely fit my legs). I tried somet straight leg at BIG and I was a 32. I tried a 32 in the slim/taper and it was too tight. Unfortunately, they didn't have a 32 in the indigo and I held off buying them. When I go back in July, I am going to get a pair, they were awesome.
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I'm a 32 in all of my denim and I took a 32 in the Somet's.
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I have a pair of somets about 2 months old, I normally wear a 29 and picked up a 27. They do wear very low, but I think the fit is good, and I love the color so far. At first the waist was very slightly hard to button, but now its feeling pretty good.
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Fit looks great. I'd love to get my hands on some Somet 008s in size 26. How do you like the knee darts?
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Some pics of the 008 Slim fit...really love these
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Size down 1 for the slouchy look (they can despite being so low in rise) 2 for that fitted look....
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Damn, blank. That's hardly nothing for 6 months.
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^^ no wash yet, I assume?
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Yeah these suckers are difficult to fade.
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My pair should be coming in any day. It will take FOREVER to fade mine as I bought some nudie SJs as well and I have to wear khakis or dress pants to work. I sized down one as I don't think I could have gone down two...My legs aren't big but they are bigger than a skinny guy's as I play soccer and lift but as long as my legs can fit in them I'll be fine.
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