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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post
Those seem a bit big on you. Did you size up?
lol, every jean looks a bit big on me. my legs (thighs esp) are literally close to nonexistent, those are either size 26 or 27. fit isn't as good as it could be, but it's better than most jeans look on me.
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for me the somet 008 is close to the most perfect jean out there ...

just unfortunately they put those darts in there that run way past my knees. if they only thought to stop them at about 12 inches down from top thigh or not put them in at all.

somet better come out with a 008 model without the darts.
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Originally Posted by mainy View Post

somet slim 008

worn about 3.5 months, one hot soak after some whore spilled a pitcher of PBR on them... they are fading decent not that you could tell from the pic, I'm going to wash them end of this month and we'll see what happens.

any updates with the soak?
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Would anybody agree that the sizing of the Somet 003s is similar to that of APC NS?
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Absolutely not.
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^^ How would you say it differs, as far as guidelines for purchasers who know their NS size? I just received a pair of the 003s in size 30 (guessing my size based on BiG's measurement tables), but I can't really button the buttons. APC NS size 31 are close to skin-tight at first on me, but the right size with the stretching. NS 30s felt about the same to me as Somet size 30, I guess my thighs are too big. I am trying to figure out if I need to go up to 32, or if 31 is likely to be a good bet.
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I took a 30 in my APC NS and a 32 in my Somet. I take a 32 in all of my raw denim except for APC's, because they are a different beast and shouldn't be compared to anything. Somet will not stretch as much as APC. But my Somet's are a little more relaxed so I can't say if you'll need a 31 or 32.
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^^ Thanks, that helps. Depending on how generously-cut the thighs are, I pretty much take a 31 or 32 in everything for a slim fit, except for APC Rescues, where I am a 30. I think the safe thing for me is to give the 32s a try.
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post
any updates with the soak?

I decided to not wash them

Maybe by the new year.
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I have been looking to the Somet 008's at the Blue in Green site. Now they have a size chart with the lowest tag size being a 28 ( fits like a 31 it says) and an inseam of 36.5. Now I fit more like a 29 or 30, but that is not listed on the size chart. But it seems you can order them in tag size of less than 28. So I'm guessing I would need a 26 or 27 to get a correct waist fit. Now the issue is how long would the inseam be on those. After washing jeans i still need them to be about a 36 inseam ( I'm rather tall and thin ). Would this still be possible or would they shrink to much after washing.
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Originally Posted by guywithpants View Post
how do you size the 005's down 1, i would assume?
Two. I did 1 size down because 2 sizes down didn't fit my upper thighs.
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I was thinking about getting some 008's during the summer, and these are the measurements I got from Gordon @ BiG for the 26 and 27: Somet 008 w26 Waist-29.5 Front rise-8 Back rise-11.75 Upper thigh-11 Knee-6.75 Leg Opening-6.5 Inseam-36 Somet 008 w27 Waist-30 Front rise-8.15 Back rise-12 Upper thigh-11.15 Knee-7 Leg Opening-6.75 Inseam-36 So, two things to note. First, the rise on the jeans makes the waist size deceptive. The jeans don't sit at your waist, but more like the top of your hip. From my understanding the jeans are tagged reflective of that. You may want to measure jeans you already have (that fit), seeing where the "waist" would be at the 8" to 8.5" rise. Second, the jeans are sanforized, so they won't shrink too much; BiG estimates they'd shrink .25" in the waist and .75" in length when using a hot wash/hot dry.
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anybody looking to get a somet 003 in size 29 (32 BiG measured waist) i have a brand new with tag for $245 shipped
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thinking about some somets, how low is this low rise, like is this right above the pube line or lower
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BiG has size charts: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/inde...d=36&Itemid=28

Also, CONTEXT is now carrying Somet. I don't know if they've mentioned it on their thread yet, and it's not on their web site. I think BiG is distributing.
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