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Orlando (Italian Brand) Jeans, shirts, etc.

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We've talked about this brand once or twice on the forum before, but I recently bought some items on sale off of Yoox. I've been really impressed with the style/quality and especially the prices, which on sale can't be beat. The fit is very slim and the materials are top-notch. The denim quality is nice, as is the distressing; the cardigans have sturdy, two-way zippers and good cottons; the shirts all have mop buttons and durable fabrics. I was impressed, especially seeing as how all the stuff was marked down to less than $40 on yoox.

But, I'm wondering if anybody knows much about the brand? Especially if they have a website? Every time I do an internet search I only come up with yoox links for clothes and about 10,000 sites that want to show me clothing/denim stores in Florida or information about Orlando Bloom.

They still have loads of the stuff on yoox, but definitely size up 1 size or so since it runs quite small (I'm a 31 and I bought a 33 and it is still quite snug).

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Ah, cool, I was just about to ask about the brand's quality and etc. So the fit is small? I'm a 31 in HL jeans, sounds like I would be a 32 then? And the only place I've ever seen the stuff is on I too haven't found a website/etc.
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I didn't realize how bad of a site yoox is for selling clothing. No size and the most generic descriptions ever. They've got a pair of RL's for $120 but it's only when you zoom in on the cuffs that you realize it's actually selvage and lowrise.
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Thanks for the replies!

If you are a 31 in Lang, I would go ahead with the Orlando 33. I'm also a 31 or 32 in Lang (I have 6 pair, half 31 and half 32), and I think an Orlando 32 would be more like a Lang 30. Of course, each pair always fits differently, but the two pair of Orlando jeans I bought on yoox are both 33 and both run quite small, especially in the thigh area.

As for the quality of the garments, as I said, I was pretty impressed. The jeans fit and quality feel a lot like my Dior homme jeans from Follow me, with skinny thighs and a low-rise.

The other things I bought, two cardigans and a long sleeve polo in size M, also run small. I'm usually a size Small in most things (a Medium in Lang), and
these are actually ALMOST too tight. If I order again, I'll probably order shirts and zip cardigans in a size Large.

Hope it helps! But, for those prices, I think you'd be hard pressed to find anything remotely that high quality.

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Daffy's in NYC is consistently plastered with this stuff, and super cheap too.

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I wonder if the problem is just poor marketing, distribution, or what. I mean, the items that I bought were really quite nice quality-wise. I didn't have high expectations for $34 or thereabouts, but was really impressed when they got here.

With the slimness of the cut and interesting fabrics, you'd think that they could easily catch some of the Dior Homme/Costume National/Helmut Lang crowd who just doesn't want to drop the kind of money those guys are asking.

But, nobody really has ever heard of the brand and, aside from a few niche shops (mostly in Japan), I've never even seen it talked about.

Perhaps one problem, at least in this country, is the name. "Orlando" just sounds sort of dumb. It's a city, it's a moviestar, it's a singer, it's a book by Virginia Woolf... but a cool clothes brand? Eh...

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Yeah, I think the name hurts them. It just doesn't have the mystery of a high fashion Euro label.
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