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I realize this isn't exactly the best place to ask this, but I'm contemplating making the switch in a couple of years. What should I be looking at between now and then to make me attractive to BigBanks? Currently a third year in BigLaw.

I'm making this switch this month - from Biglaw firm to Bigbank. Honestly, you gotta be pretty lucky. I was a generalist in coporate for 4 years (about to be a 5th year) - didn't pigeonhole myself into a specific area - I can do M&A, private equity, securities deals. When interviewing people seemed to like that as I am taking on a role in compliance that is not specific to any of my previous practice areas.

Other colleagues (far more qualified than myself) have had a hard time moving in-house to a bank. I've asked around and since I gave notice the question I get from other associates most often is how I landed the job. My resume got submitted through a recruiter and someone saw something that caught their eye and called me in for an interview. I feel like I interview really well, but at some point I asked my recruiter how many resumes got submitted for the position and she told me 100 - they called only 5 in for interviews.

Do you know anyone at banks? Having contacts helps, but the problem is that my friends who I went to college with who work at banks are just at the stage now where they are making VP. They really don't have any kind of influence yet. Another thing is always keep your eyes and ears open. I think I would have liked to stay at the firm for another year (I was getting great experience), but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity.