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Originally Posted by holymadness View Post
I think there are a bunch but they prefer to talk about Prada bags rather than anal sex for some reason.

After this fun threak...I fully understand why
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Originally Posted by Tck13 View Post
As soon as you think you've used enough lube, use more...

This is crucial for first time anal.
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Originally Posted by Flieger View Post
yes, you are the only gay in town.

This is funny
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Originally Posted by steviecakes View Post
The gf wants to try it in the pooper for the first time. I'm a complete noob as well. One friend swears by astroglide. I've contemplated grapeseed oil but oil would damage a condom, no? I'm open to any suggestions so if anyone has experience going through the back door please chime in

So, how many seconds did you last?
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Anal sex is pretty dam disgusting. No matter how clean the girl is you still get a poopy aroma. However face fucking a girl can be quite fun. Should try that first.(make sure they are on an empty stomach)
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coconut oil didn't work too well for me recently.

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Pam spray works wonders
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