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Thos Moser furniture

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I'm considering buying a few items of furniture from this company. Does anyone here have experiences or an opinion of them?
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It's very nice stuff.
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Yup, the best among makers/retailers their size and bigger. What are you looking at? Check around with people in your area for good local furniture makers. Depending on where you are you can get custom work for those prices.
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My mother furnished her entire house with Thos. Moser furniture. It's outstanding.
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Excellent quality but, as another poster said, at a price you could get complete custom work from a top builder. There are levels of quality that exceed Thos. Moser, except that it is difficult to make as a factory piece when you have workmen with different levels of skill. Choice of joinery techniques and style of a given piece, when it is offered as a standard catalog item, are driven by considerations of how reliable a supply of a needed wood will be and how many steps in the construction will need to be done by a master woodworker as opposed to assistants with less skill.
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The pieces I have seen have looked very nicely made and designed.
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Dont like it. Their try to copy a modern/scandinavian look fails.
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I don't love it but not bad, if you like it buy some and let us know how you like it.
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Thos Moser has a huge range of furniture on list, but also appears to put time and effort into their furniture. My sister filled her bedroom with Thos Moser, everything looks great, I really love the sleigh bed I think I'm going to get one for myself too.
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Just checked out their website and their furniture is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could afford it...
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One of my woodworking magazines had a write-up on his arm chair and I marveled at the pictures of his chairs and his workshop. Sounds like he's expanded since then, which I'm glad to see.
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