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Whoops, forgot about this thread.
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Since I've missed the last Alabama Shakes concert (due to a cold), I couldn't miss this one (even though I had a cold again). It was fantastic. Such an intense, powerful performance.
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I will check out Jamie Lidell tomorrow down at the Brooklyn Bridge dance party at 7!
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Opening night at Prospect Park Celebrate Brooklyn concerts series. Chaka Khan on June 3. I will be there if the weather is nice.

Just re-posting. This should be a great(free) show. But now it is all weather dependent. NYC has had some shit weather today and it may carry over.
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Has anyone ever attended the concert of RHCP? I adore their music, but I heard recently that they don´t have good concerts :/

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Fun fact: My parents attended one of their concerts a few decades ago. Back when they stripped naked during the concert. They came on stage naked only wearing socks on their cocks and soon lost those socks too. The police stopped the concert after half an hour. Still, a memorable experience.
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