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Just back from Coachella....saw some amazing shows this year (fitz & the tantrums, we were promised jetpacks, awolnation, pulp, jimmy cliff, big pink, kaiser chiefs, grouplove) but the standout for me were the Hives... they really killed it...tremendous performance.

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I guess it is a good thing that my friend and I grabbed lollapalooza tickets last week (from 30k feet on some airplane wifi no less) because it looks like 3-day passes sold out yesterday which probably would have been the next chance that we would have considered ordering them since we were both just back from vacation.
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Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros

Coldplay was a snooze. Great for the 40+ type trying to impress the gf
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gotye. worth seeing?
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

gotye. worth seeing?

You diss Coldplay then turn around and attend a Gotye concert? Why don't you go watch New Kids on the Block while you are at it?
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Anyone have any suggestions on shows to see at Lollapalooza this year?

I've got my own shows in mind (but unfortunately they scheduled a lot of bands I like in overlapping time slots). I'm looking for any suggestions on who gives the best live shows. I'm familiar with most of the bands on the list's music but I don't know who are going to show up and put on a kick-ass live performance.

I went a few years ago and still regret missing the Matt & Kim show--their music's alright but I had no idea it was going to be such a great set...hearing stories from others and seeing recordings of the show make me sad. Even if I like another band's music better, I'd rather see a high energy live show from someone else than some good songs played without emotion.
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^ Their hip-hop selection is shit. J. Cole? Childish Gambino? :shudder:
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Its not really a hip-hop festival
I rather enjoy Donald Glover's rapping although I'm not sure I would pick his hour-long set for the finale over longer sets from Justice or Jack White.
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^ I know but it's like, if that's what they have to offer, why bother? I would catch RHCP, Bloc, Jack White, Sigur Ross, Metric, and Wale. Calvin Harris too if Rihanna makes an appearance.
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Real Estate is playing at the 930 club but since it's on a sunday I'm gonna pass. However The Walkmen & The Ware on Drugs are playing on a Friday in October icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

A month or so ago, was able to see Brazilian Girls again. It'd been like 4 years. Sabina... inlove.gif
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I saw Old Crow Medicine Show last weekend on the last night of their tour. It was a great time, and they did an awesome set list. They managed to hit almost every song of theirs about which I've thought, "I'd really like to see this live." Plus, they did a really great cover of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."
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Heading to see Jane's Addiction tomorrow night at the 9:30 club in DC.

Anyone else here going?
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^^ Dope show

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I kind of want to go see Matt & Kim and Passion Pit in february but floor general admission tickets sold out absurdly early (I'm kicking myself because I had some presale tickets in my cart in october or november and decided to hold off a little longer). The cheapest general admission tickets are now like $115. I have no interest in sitting in an assigned seat in a balcony (it is at UIC pavillion which is a sports stadium...), only want standing room on the floor

Doesn't seem worth it...I want to see Matt & Kim more but they are just the openers and with the kind of venue and how early it sold out, I am betting it will be a giant shitty crowd of suburban teenaged girls.

My girlfriend has tickets in the stands somewhere with some friends, but that sounds miserable if my estimate of the crowd is correct (and I don't know how hard it is to hop the wall and end up on the floor at this venue).
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^^ sucks when the band you want to see is an opening act. You end up paying too much.

Saw The Helio Sequence a few weeks ago at the Black Cat. They're excellent live. Their drummer is superb.
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