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Nudie Slim Jim
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my favorite pair of jeans ever were the first issue (2006 I think it was?) of the DH silver selvedge, 19cm. Agressive taper without being carrot legged. Don't have them anymore but wish I did. If anyone has a pair of the older ones, 19cm (which is actually like a 15-16cm hem) in size 27 or 28, I'd be happy to buy, if they're in new to half decent condition.

I have a pair of size 26 APC NS that I've had for 3 years, the fade is intense and they've stayed together. They're pretty good but the lower leg has never been to my liking, I wish they tapered a centimeter or two more. I have a boxfresh pair as well that I never wear because the first 6 months in raw NS is awkward for me, they don't look that good.

I have two pairs of the black stretch APC's, the ones with the little Riri zipper. ALso good jeans, I like my black overdyes simple and skinny, with stretch.

I liked Julian Reds and stuff but never liked the fat selvedge.

Margiela jeans are nice and I like the detailing and the top block fit, but the ones I have are way too skinny for even me, so I let my girlfriend wear them instead.
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PBJ 005s
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Loomstate slim prophecy.
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More love for 5EP. 5EPxSF. The denim makes me weep for joy. (I'll post pics at some point...) The fact that I just blew them out two weeks ago makes me weep in sadness.
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Slim Jims
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warm weather: 3sixteen st-200 black coated

cold weather: iron heart 301s
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Nudie Slim Jims. Coming up on one year.
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Either of my two 5ep right now; LDB in dark worn, or my resin wash. With summer starting to wind down soon, I seriously need to pick up another pair of SDA103's to start wearing this fall. Such a better fit than 5ep.
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right now: N&F WeirdGuy in indigo selvadge, and then Unbranded slim straight for a more relaxing fit.
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LVC 1915 Cone Mills Collab.
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BKE Derek.

Found nothing that compares yet.
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My best $200 plus jean, Sugar Cane sc40300 (14.25oz Nihon Menpu denim with 100% natural Ryukyu indigo):

Best jean below $200, Roy 5p standard (14oz Cone Mills White Oak denim with pure synthetic indigo):
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below 300: Fullcount1108C contest pair__ a gift that [even after 1.5 yrs] keeps on giving ... worth more than it's 15.5oz in gold

above 300: Samurai5000ai-10sp ltd prod'n pair [nat. indigo dyed warp+bamboo ink dyed weft]__ 1.5 yrs in progress [9mos effective wear, soak x7, no wash] & still not giving up it's secrets hidden in it's core.
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