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Well I'll answer that even though its years after the initial thread. I'm living in Cyprus where SH shirts are made (when u order in the UK the order gets faxed/emailed to Cyprus for cutting and tailoring).

The shirts are extremely good value (especially if you order them here where they're only Eur 60 for MTM. Good construction, nice fit and Stephan (who now resides here) is a pleasure to work with. I've actually ordered two for my upcoming wedding. I'll try to post pictures in about a week (don't have them here at home right now).

I even got a pair of silver collar stays as a wedding gift!
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I popped in today - very limited stock, shop assistant mentioned sourcing own shirt cloth and they can make a shirt for £65. He did suggest speaking with Erlend about detachable collars and also about sourcing cloth.
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Originally Posted by Dominik Kania View Post

Hi Johnny,

It's been a while but how are you getting on with your shirts from SH?





I had meant to come back to this thread a long time ago, will pop into Stephan Shirts next week to get fitted for another shirt.


The shirt I had made was, for £89, excellent value; it seems well put together and to my mind, the fit is exactly how I wanted it. I am finding the collar to roll having been washed, but it's probably more a case of my poor maintenance rather than a fault with the shirt - should perhaps get some starch.


All in all, very pleased and look forward to getting a new one in the next couple of weeks.

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