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Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris View Post
Well, I went to pick up the two shirts I ordered (one plain white, one formal dress shirt (pleated front w. detachable collar)). I tried on the plain shirt in the store and the fit was pretty good. It wasn't quite as slimly fitted round the waist as I'd hoped and the shoulders could be a little narrower too. This was after having the young fellow who was new to this sort of thing measuring me up. I mentioned this to the proprietor and he said that as well as taking note of these things for subsequent orders, as it's my first order with them, they would do the alterations for free. All in all I would certainly recommend it so far.
I received the call a few days ago stating that my shirt was ready - what is the quality like?
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Any updates and/or pictures?
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Originally Posted by kraftar View Post
Any updates and/or pictures?

Sorry I've not got round to pictures yet. Will probably wait until they've done the alterations so you can see the finished article unless I do it this evening.

Quality-wise, it seems pretty good so far. At least as good as any RTW Jermyn Street shirt at a similar price.
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I picked up mine today - Erlend was there and I tried on, but fit seemed good to me so no changes were made. Construction seemed very good, however the apparent thinness of the standard white cotton was disappointing (in fairness I could have gone for the better fabrics).
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Originally Posted by SimonC View Post
I just wanted to make a comment about the suit shown in the blog linked above (and which is on display in the window) - apparently they're made in the Czech Republic, but the quality of the handwork and overall construction seemed excellent when I examined it, especially considering the starting price of £499. I'm probably going to have a suit made up from one of the lower-price books (less of an expensive experiment if it fails!).

Just to follow up on this point. The suit in the window is apparently from their bespoke price-point of £1500, whereas having had the opportunity to examine an MTM suit it's a fully machine-made product (which is more in keeping with the price).

The suit is cut in the shop in London, then made up elsewhere - fully canvassed with horn buttons and neatly done. Any subsequent alterations will be done in the London shop. Turnaround time is 4-5 weeks.
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Finally received my shirts today. Apparently there was a delay with the latest shipment. But as Ian MacKaye once said, I am a patient boy. Only just took them out and tried them on real quick, but they seem very nice. If I'm going to be critical, the pattern matching on the placket and gauntlet is a little off (although it is better on the button-down than on the french cuff one), and the holes in the french cuffs are a little bigger than I like them (but I'm sure that could easily be rectified on a subsequent order). The fit seems good – slim but not tight, which is precisely what I ordered. Nice construction – soft, unfused collar. Split yoke. Button-down collar has a nice roll to it, although it needs some ironing, I suppose. Also a bit more spread than a traditional, more pointy/"Brooks style" button-down (this was specifically asked for). Took some quick pics. Not much to go on for any kind of 'critique' or anything, I guess, but at least this thread has pics now...
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One more pic - straight out of the package.
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another point about this shop- the RTW shirts are made from the same fabrics as the MTM, according to the proprietor
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Anyone able to compare Stephen's service to one of the online MTM outfits?

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I can compare to Jantzen... The main difference would be the cloth. I assume that's Jantzen's #1 saving point, and why they are able to offer shirts so cheap (also, I have to wonder if their workers are being paid decent wages, but that's another story). They're not downright bad, I guess, just not that great either - wrinkles quickly and just don't look that impressive in general. Could never quite get the collars right with Jantzen either, but that might just be my own fault. I always found them either too thick and cardboardy, or too loose and unstructured. Haroutunian's collars seem perfect right off the bat to me, thin and soft but with enough structure to look neat. And a nice shape, too.
That said, there's nothing wrong with the construction of Jantzen's shirts, to my (fairly untrained) eyes at least. No fusing as far as I can remember, and they seem solid enough.
At their ridiculously low price point, it's obviously an option to consider, but I would frankly only use them for more casual shirts. But sure, if you have the patience for some trial and error, you can certainly get some good shirts out of it. If you can be bothered, it might even be possible to buy cloth yourself and send it to them?

No idea if any of this answered any questions, if you're curious about anything specific, feel free to ask.
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Well I went in to get some alterations made to the couple I ordered and they do it fairly comprehensively. Shortening the sleeves, narrowing throught the body and sleeve and raising the armhole.

Now I've got them back the fit is excellent except they've taken it in a bit too much around the chest so there is just a bit of pull.
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Anyone ordered shirts from this establishment recently? Still good things to say?


I'm going to veer away from RTW and try for a shirt made to my measurements and this place is close to where I live and seems very reasonably priced.

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Actually had a shirt made up over the summer. I had it done in the £85 range in a simple white and it came out with a very good fit.


When I went to re-order recently (ordered tow more shirts and a MTM suit) I was impressed that I had so much control over the collar shape, they were able to adjust the spread and height as I wanted. 


My overall instinct is that for standard business wear (i.e. white and blue shirts) I think they are great value in London though I think I prefer Emmett for more casual shirts and the range of cloth.

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I'm picking up my shirt on Tuesday, so will provide feedback once I've surveyed it.


Have to say, their ready to wear shirts look like very good value at 3 for £80. 

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Hi Johnny,

It's been a while but how are you getting on with your shirts from SH?




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