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Stephan Haroutunian

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Originally Posted by Amiens View Post
There is a feature on Stephan Haroutunian Shirts which might be of interest here:

Has anyone used Stephan Haroutunian recently? I read somewhere that they have a new owner/manager and wanted to see if things have changed since the feature quoted above.
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Bump. Would be quite interested in hearing about your recent experiences with Harotounian. £85 for a two-ply T. Mason MTM shirt is quite an attractive price.
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I'm planning on going in next weekend to get measured for a shirt - I will report on what I find
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Originally Posted by Pseudosyco View Post
I'm planning on going in next weekend to get measured for a shirt - I will report on what I find

Look forward to it. Cheers.
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Pseudo, how did it go?
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Didn't make it in the end, but plan on going this weekend
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Well, I did manage to visit yesterday. Manning the shop was a young Antipodean (I think) - he didn't appear to be that clued up on the shirtmaking process (he rang up his boss to get answers about my enquiries: how long it would take (3 weeks) and whether I could have edge stitching (I could). Despite some reservations I had (mainly that he seemed inexperienced), I went ahead and ordered a plain white shirt with cutaway collar, double cuffs and edge stitching. I also asked how fitted the shirts were, which led to him sugesting a slim fit option. He measured me up and took payment (£69 plus an optional charge for delivery, thought I could have paid 50% up front). They had more luxurious fabrics for £85 a shirt, but the standard ones seemed peffectly acceptable to me. If the shirt turns out well, then the price is extrememly good value, though I admit that I felt some buyers remorse when I walked out. I will hold judgement until delivery. On another note, bespoke tailor Lloyd Miller in Clapham was having a closing down sale (though he was busy cutting fabric at the time and appeared to have plenty of work in progress). Perhaps he is retiring.
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As as strange coincidence I was there yesteday as well and had much the same impression, but went on regardless. I too went for a plain white, double cuff but with semi-cutaway collar and in one of the £85 cloths and a pleated front, classic collar dress shirt.
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It will be interesting to see how our shirts turn out. Before going in I was interested by thier made to measure suits, but given the guy's apparent inexperience I don't think I would risk it.
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I went last week and ordered a buttondown. Quite a few tweaking possibility considering that it's MTM (I lengthened the collar points, for instance). Very limited fabric selection (of good quality though), mediocre buttons. Guy seemed knowledgeable. Charming, no-nonsense shop. Use by lots of officers, i.e. old fashioned Englishmen. I'm hopeful.
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Dropped by and ordered a couple of shirts (same fabric, one button-down single cuff, one with their standard semi-spread collar and double cuffs) in the £85 range of fabrics earlier this week while in London. The £85 range are all Thomas Mason fabrics, while I believe the others are sort of a mixed bag of suppliers. They all seemed nice enough though. Erlend, the guy running the place, was very nice and helpful. Must have been someone else manning the shop when the earlier poster went by, as he is certainly very knowledgeable (Savile Row trained), and a fellow Norwegian to boot! As has already been pointed out, they are extremely flexible for a MTM maker — it seems you can pretty much have whatever you like as far as collar shape and what not goes. The range of fabrics is (or at least was then) somewhat limited, I would say somewhere around 60 or so total. But I got the impression that the amount of fabrics they have available is a little variable, so they may have more at some other point. They had all the basics anyway. Standard buttons are some sort of imitation (I'm guessing plastic, although I didn't have a close look), but MOP is available for an extra £3 per shirt. The MOP buttons they carry are rather thin (quite similar in thickness and shape to the buttons on Harvie & Hudson's RTW shirts, although I don't know if those are actually MOP), which I like, although I know many prefer the thicker ones. Will see if I can post some pics when the shirts arrive. From what I've heard of the shirts so far (granted, not that much), I haven't heard anything negative, so I would be very surprised if £88 (and that's before subtracting VAT) for a MTM Thomas Mason cloth shirt ended up being a bad investment. Fingers crossed.
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Apropos the BespokeMe blog, there is a newer post regarding the shop, the new management, etc.:
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Well, I went to pick up the two shirts I ordered (one plain white, one formal dress shirt (pleated front w. detachable collar)). I tried on the plain shirt in the store and the fit was pretty good. It wasn't quite as slimly fitted round the waist as I'd hoped and the shoulders could be a little narrower too. This was after having the young fellow who was new to this sort of thing measuring me up. I mentioned this to the proprietor and he said that as well as taking note of these things for subsequent orders, as it's my first order with them, they would do the alterations for free. All in all I would certainly recommend it so far.
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I popped in a couple of weeks ago - it was on a Saturday so Erlend wasn't in. I left with some boxer shorts, but I intend to return during the week when possible (it took me 6 weeks to get there on a Saturday, despite them being a mile from my home!).

I just wanted to make a comment about the suit shown in the blog linked above (and which is on display in the window) - apparently they're made in the Czech Republic, but the quality of the handwork and overall construction seemed excellent when I examined it, especially considering the starting price of £499. I'm probably going to have a suit made up from one of the lower-price books (less of an expensive experiment if it fails!).
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Just for the record, when I was in there, I asked briefly about suits, and was given a starting price of 650 or so... However, this was while I was looking at the Holland & Sherry books, so maybe it was a quote based on that and not on lower priced fabrics. Erlend said they can also do full bespoke, but obviously at a higher price. Just how much I didn't ask, unfortunately - I didn't have a lot of time, so I figured I would get into that some other time.
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