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Can't wait. Cinema at its finest.
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Its my guilty pleasure, I can't flip away when Tokyo Drift is on.
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End of tax season and all my friends are Accountants. Gonna celebrate by getting hammered and watching this next weekend.

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There is a fist fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel in it.
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Saw a midnight showing. Fucking loved it. (0)
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the fast five is about a trio of loose girls and a comedy duo on speed
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on the up side, there is always this:
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Originally Posted by fwiffo View Post
Is that straight porn?

If the Japanese bloke can come back, does that mean Michelle Rodriguez can be in the sixth movie?

michelle rodriguez didnt die.


sit till the end lol.
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Calling it early, Movie of the Year...
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This is an actual quote from a friend's (used very loosely) FB status: "Haha such an amazing movie!!! No donuts in the parking lot, but street racing a white S2000 afterwards check (: " This guy is almost 30. I can imagine the movie letting out and 200 affliction t-shirts descending on the parking lot. They all hop into their "fast" rides, rev up their engine and see who can out bro the other before they leave.
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I have been hearing nothing but good things about the movie, I got to try and catch it tonight. Rotten tomatoes even has it a 78%, very surprising considering the first 4 has gotten horrible ratings with the first one (which I think was the best of the series) being the highest at 52%. the 3 sequels after that is at 36% or below.

And it's true, after watching any movies from this series, it makes you want to just floor the gas pedal every chance you get on your way home from the theater.
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Bill Simmons and Adam Carolla do a 75 minute podcast about the movie on the BS Report. Pretty interesting.
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I found a good interviews about this movie. iT is really worth it to check out,U REALLY SHOULD DO.
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I can confirm that the Fast 5 is indeed the best movie of the year so far. It's almost Point Break good.
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I saw it over the weekend.

I liked it a lot. It was better than I expected. Checked all the boxes for summer fun movies:

Machine guns check

Hot girls in revealing outfits check

Tough guys doing tough things check

Hand to hand combat check

Car chases check (really liked these)

Impossible stunts check
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