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Lucky you. Funny you should say that as mine fell out of my pocket on my way to the river. Only got them a week ago.

I'm quite happy with this McLean net to be honest. It is well made and the built-in scales are a nice exta. I need something compact.
What would you suggest?
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Well, if you're a C&R angler those nets are probably pretty hard on a trout. Rubber bag net is a little more forgiving.


Brodin if you can afford it:


If not there are other alternatives:



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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

Nice fish. You need a better net.

Spent the better part of Sunday walking up and down a river looking for a pair of sunglasses I dropped the day before. Found them buried in a pile of leaves. Gods were smiling as I then caught what I think may be a record for this river - 18.5" wild Brown.


Kismet! happy.gif

I may have told this before: my dad joined a fishing club in the poconos many years ago. after his 1st visit i asked him how it went - "great place, nice guys, you gotta come check it out. the only bad thing was that i lost my favorite flybox on the river". i finally got a chance to go the next season. it was the middle of the week so no one was around - usually you have to stick to your chosen beat but we could wander their whole stretch of water (tribs of the bushkill & brodhead). i was by myself and stopped to check out a nice pool. watched for a couple of mins & saw some fish - i got down & crawled in to a spot where i thought i could get the best cast. it was an area heavy, beaten down grass and i was on my belly watching for a bit - noticed my elbow was resting on something hard under the grass - dug down and what do i find but my dad's flybox! wow.gif
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On the same trip my companion broke the tip off his Sage ESN. Ebbs and flows.


I've watched so many things float away from me, that it's nice to win one.  



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In terms of price mclean and brodin are quite similar but from what I see the brodin's are too bulky: I need something compact. Thought these soft knotless nets are not too hard on the fish?
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Hm, it would seem there is a (small) difference.
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There's really no way to win.



I was never a picture guy so that's not an issue for me. I remove hooks under the water with hemostats and release from the net. For what it's worth, streamside shots of fish on banks are considered bad form here.


Not trying to lecture you in any way, Crat.



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Yes you are, but I'm not too arrogant to learn.
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I'm super happy to have found this thread! Just getting into the sport and am already hooked. I look forward to reading about my fellow SFers excursions!


Cheers - Josh

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lil brownie from yesterday while fishing Bear Creek here in Colorado.


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Very nice Josh - fall fishing is the best. You need to work on your camera angle - he looks a little "played" happy.gif! We only got a couple of days in this summer up in Maine, but everyon, incl wife and sons, caught fish icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

If you are inclined, check out Alex "Xenie" Hall. He lives down in Pagosa Springs & is a true fishing fiend/god. Look @ his FB feed: takes a (good) picture of every fish he catches - you will be envious!
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Thanks! Yea - I am definitely not concerned in the slightest about my photography skills at this point. Just trying to focus on getting out there and having fun!


I will definitely check out that guide down in Pagosa! 

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Between busting my ass at the new cabin and the rivers being so low, the fishing outings have been few and far between this year. But on the last day of the season, I hit a trib high in the mountains that I've never fished before. Pushing through the woods I came across a beaver pond and upstream of that, the brook wound its way through a meadow. About 6' wide and slow moving it was more spring creek than freestone. And it was filled with wild brook trout and one 13" brown out of the pond. 


Nice way to end the season.



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Our sesaon is just starting here and like Lefty, lots of other things getting in the way (landscaping my new house and expecting my 3rd child in January) from doing as much fishing as I'd like. I did manage this beautiful 4lber from a river 5 mins from home. Took a bog standard tungsten bead brown nymph

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Nice! Trout season has ended here unfortunately but we are now doing afternoon 'casting in the park' sessions with some like minded London flyfisher(wo)men. Its a nice way to practise our casting and meet a few kindred spirits.

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