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Closer to five, but still very doable. The bitch is river permits at anywhere from $50 to $1000 for a beat, but on the plus side there were only 6 rods on the 10km of the river we fished. And on the super plus side my wife and i are were the only ones to catch fish.


There is a $50 lake card that allows you to fish about 40 lakes around the country. Þingvallavatn, the most famous. Trying my luck on a few tomorrow. 




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Good luck on the stillwater
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Thinking about doing a trip to Cabo this year if I can swing it financially (lol) but realistically probably next year. My question, though, is does anyone know of good spots to do shark fly fishing? Talked to a guide who does Cabo and he says occasionally you'll see hammerheads but you can't really fish for them there. Don't mind doing a bit of travelling.

Li'l help?
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How's your cast? Unless you can accurately double haul 50-60' of line into the wind a salt trip may be a waste of time.


Why the hell do you want to catch a shark?



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How's your cast?


Because I love sharks.
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Forgot about this thread again....

Middle of summer here, doing a reasonable amount of fishing over xmas and when time permits. Just got a 4wt switch rod so it's been fun learning the different spey casts but being dry fly season I've mostly been casting it single handed for now and only short 30ft casts. start of hopper season now i'll have some fun skipping them on the surface and when Autumn rolls around get in to swinging some bigger streamers and wets with it.

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Nice looking brown trout.


Christmas day found my wife and I hiking through the snow down into the Rio Grande gorge in search of cutbows. We were heading to that little sliver of light in the distance.



Saw plenty of fish, but they were sitting on redds so we left them alone and just enjoyed the solitude.


The hike out was a bitch.



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