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Nice. Do you have a hopper "hatch"?



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Yeah we get excellent hopper fishing around late summer here (feb-march).
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Going to Amelia Island with a guide in a few weeks. Wanted to go for sharks but he said the best way to do that is 50 to 100-foot casts to behind of shrimp boats or continually roll casting for not much else and it's a bit difficult on the small boat I'm going to be in. So we're just going to go for redfish and a few other assortment of fish. Super stoked. Also going to get some flys and see if I can't hit some of the oyster beds before my trip with him.
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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

Yeah, Western water is in dire straits. I was in Nor Cal in March and was lucky enough to fish the Pitt out of Burney for a few days. Damn Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
near killed me, but the fishing was great. I think they're experiencing summer conditions now so in a month they'll be in full on drought and there's no way anyone's going to approve releasing water to save fish.

Tough times ahead. 

Iceland, dude. Great fishing and the world's most beautiful women. My fishing guide...

Frida Aasen is your fishing guide?? Well done : )
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Need help. I'm going to Seattle then Vancouver then Portland first week of Aug 3 - 10. Won't have a rod, won't have a car (or limited access to one) so I'm trying to stay near the city. Any tips for a guide that is easily accessible in either city? Would prefer Portland because I'll be staying with some friends so if I catch something I have dinner.
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Assuming water levels are okay, rent a car/gear and try for some steelhead. Contact a fly shop.



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ok so my trip to Amelia Island was unsuccessful in catching fish but I had a good time on the boat, worked on my casting, saw a Bonnethead Shark (I love sharks so that made my day) a few rays took a look at my fly and saw where the redfish were. They kept coming up to us every now and then but that's it. Couldn't make it out on the water in the PNW but I did kop this in Vancouver:


Also found out a buddy of mine has a boat and said in Sept he'd be happy to take me out whenever. Going to get a guide in Asheville this Oct and try catching some monsters in Atlanta in November.
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I have an Asheville guide for you. Maybe one of the best I've ever fished with. Will send PM.


Spent the past weekend in CT which resulted in a Brown, Rainbow, Speckled Trout and a 13" juvenile Atlantic Salmon slam on Sunday.



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