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Not sure what that has to do with the clip, but ... go Iowa!



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I dont have my drive with my ff pics, but found a couple from West Branch Delaware, NY

And a little further south , tip of Argentina.

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And people wonder why we fly fish. Great shots.


Up for a WB Delaware trip whenever you'd like to go.



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Next year, on WB def will set something up.

This year was rough with work and travel, not much fishing.

Cold is setting in to NYC, time to dream of the Bahamas.

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Bah... I want to go freeze my ass off on the Croton or Salmon River.


Okay, I hate to pile on, but this is kind of funny:



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Derek and Hanzel go fly fishing in the new Zoolander movie?

Don't want to pile on either, but kind of funny, is a correct summation.
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This clip suffers from the DSLR disease, but it is well made.




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Brilliant pics, JPHardy
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Originally Posted by JPHardy View Post

Derek and Hanzel go fly fishing in the new Zoolander movie?
Don't want to pile on either, but kind of funny, is a correct summation.

Sorry you didn't like the video.
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Take this, don't take this.


You're a young guy and your enthusiasm about where you live and work is admirable. However, the way you've presented this video is disingenuous at best. That's why you were called out on fff and probably why your other thread here will be removed. Had you not linked to the store so many times and been a little more forthright you wouldn't be in a positon of defending it.


Unfortunately, this video is neither a great sales tool or a particularly good ff film. I say the former because that's my business and the latter, well, because I watch a lot of ff films. The clothes and the talent come across as inauthentic and awkward. 


Here's the final bit of advice. Stop posting about the clip. You will go down a road that will not help the store and put you in a compromised position with your boss. If you want to post some pics info about the driftless area that would be great.



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Classic Grey,

I don't know that I can put it better than Lefty, but I'll give you my take.

I like most if not all the brands you carry. I like the hip way of shooting with the DSLR. I like what young guys are doing to the sport. I admit that one aspect of fly fishing that I like that does not get talked about too much is the aesthetics. Part of why I fish for Salmon is the flies, the spey casting, and all the goes with it. I read and like what those "crazy kids" are doing at the Drake ( I have every issue).

The video did not work for me, I'm sorry. But you know what, it might work on those that have not tried it at all. I find that sometimes those in the know or sight know might knock something that the masses might go for, I do wish you luck.

As for dressing like an old man, yes I jut might. But I have always tried to dressed to the occasion as I saw it. Barbour, Filson are great, but after trial and error, I found that for me Simms, now Defunct Cloudveil, and Loop covered me best.

Again, I wish you guys the best.

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Watching all of these videos makes me depressed. I can never make tight loops and the only thing I ever hook onto is my arm.

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Originally Posted by classicgrey View Post

Guess I have the wrong crowd. I thought on a style forum people might appreciate a well styled fishing video. You think I dress like a hipster, I probably think you dress like an old man.
I'm not sure if you ave a stake in the shop or your just a staff member, but the stuff you carry is really cool. Too cool to be lowering yourselves to trying to spam people on forums and getting free advertising in the process.

Forums for the most part, and certainly here and that other ff forum are run as businesses. They make money off people advertising on them. As you can see, I'm one of those people. It's not cheap for a small business like mine to do this, around $300 min and up per month and its this money that keeps a forum of this size free for everyone to enjoy so I'm sure you can see that the mods and certainly the affiliates on here take a pretty dim view of people flogging there own stuff without coughing up.

Now back to the fishing....

Do the streams in the US close over winter for spawning like they do here?

Btw I got The Source New Zealand today in DVD, awesome DVD.
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Last little bit of pron. Fall Atlantic Salmon

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Bloody hell, Hardy.  I really need to go fishing with you. Where is that? We're planning a trip this fall to Cape Breton and the Margaree Valley for salmon.


CW, some do; some don't. Most will close for a period of tine over spawning season. And it's bad form to target a fish sitting on a redd. There are many streams that are open year round - tailwaters or spring creeks that maintain an even temperature.


FLT, join the club. I'm the king of tailing loops. The thing to remember is that even shitty casts catch fish. I think line control on the water is more important. 



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