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quite simple, just say 1 or 2 please.
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#2. The BR's toe box looks a little too high, a little clunky.
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They are both so-so but 1 is better
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1... what happened to your varvatos ones?
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got the varvatos in black.... just looking to diversify.... but given my environment (collegiate environment), i think a different investment would garner larger returns, so to say
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I get the lower priced one of them. Chelsea boots are a must have--wore some today.
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#1 isn't too bad at all.
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Assuming we're talking full retail, I vote neither. If we're talking sale, I wouldn't do it unless I got at least 50% off and I was just looking for a pair of knock-around shoes. In that case, probably #2

there were a ton of BR boots on ebay a while back. either chelseas or jodhpurs.

i would get neither. BR's tend to fall apart quickly, and polish poorly. i was disappointed with every pair i've bought. and i bought them all on sale, between 19.99 and 45.00.

j&m's are j&m's. slightly better than BR, but not worth it at full retail either, unless we're talking aristocrafts. and at that point, you should just go to AE , Alden, C&J or Brooks.
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I bought my BR for about $50 around xmas last year. I don't think they are worth full price though, and I'm not really a huge fan of them.
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