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Lighthouse Keeper position, worth it?

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There was an ad in the local paper for this position, part time. I went to check it out and it was damn scary, esp. with the evening waves smashing the walls of the structure. For $12/hr you guys think this is worth it? What other risks may one face working alone in such an old structure?
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Probably none except boredom. You could get a lot of reading done.
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Kerouac would do it. You should too.
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I'd do it to try it....

It would make a good story......

Catch up your books as well....

You might meet a girl with a lighthouse keeper fetish as well....

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Are you sure this wasn't a Simpsons episode?
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I would do it.
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List: unfiltered cigarettes (Luckies, prefereably) kerosene lamp leatherbound notebook, fountain pen scotch, one dirty glass a healthy sense of romantic melancholy I would take that job in a heartbeat over the summers
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That is fucking awesome job. Probably a good place to get some writing done.
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Whenever I think of lighthouse keepers now, I think of one of the characters in this movie (viewing highly recommended):

The portrayed participants are:

Siddhartha, a Swedish harbor master, who says he feels like a king in his nice house, but also that he is lonely, and longs for a woman.
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Will you lure ships to their doom?
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Question: Is the lighthouse in Monrovia or somewhere in America?
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Virginia Woolf is so gonna fuck you.
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No Cantonese cleaning ladies so hours of uninterrupted fapping!
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Look at it from this perspective, if it is such an old structure, chances are it will not fail on your shift.

Seriously, awesome job. Do it.
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This is the ideal fodder for writing application essays for school.

Something to the extent of taking the job allowed you ample time to reflect on various things and that although you initially resented the boredom and isolation you came to realize that tending the lighthouse was a noble task in that it protected vulnerable ships fromt he savage shore . . . and that is why I want to attend law/medical/graduate school, so that I can continue to protect the vulnerable . . .
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