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Is there a way to combat waist line 'fold down'?

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The top of my jeans fold down (especially at the button) when i sit and eventually stays that way. Is this just part of teh natural wear of jeans. I haven't paid attention to see if it happens to ALL my jeans but just noticed it alot on these Loomstates (to the point where I can see the bulge through my t-shirt).

My 'budding' bear gut aint helping matters but still, is there a way to prevent - or minimize - this while I work on getting washboard abs???

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Wear a belt? Maybe I don't get what you're describing.
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j, the fact that you don't get it, means that you don't have a belly.

this is caused by your pants not fitting very well, sorry - I know it myself from when I put on some weight, a difference of 5 pounds can do it to me. you need to adjust the fit of your pants.
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i wear 34 - 36. the loomstates i took the pic off are a 36 and a bit roomy (not loose) around my waist. they fall to, and stay, at my hips without the need of a belt but i am sure i could wiggle them off completely without un-buttoning them. so if you are suggesting sizing up even more i dont think i wanna do that. i am thinking maybe an iron some starch - something along those lines.

i do intend on losing about 10 pounds as i find myself liking and buying slimmer fitting jeans. so for now i'm just looking for a quick fix.

maybe its just the lighter construction of these jeans. like i said i havent paid attention to see if it happens to all my jeans (i will next time i wear them). something's telling me it's just what i gotta live with - it doesnt bother me that much since it doesnt show - but knowing it's there is slightly erkking me.
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A belt that fills the full dimensions of the loops should stop this.

Not wearing jeans is a good start too, because they are worn around the hips (ish) they are inherently susceptible to this.
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I agree with globetrotter, this is what happens when the waist is tight. You can see in the pic that the button is at the end and then your waist is stretching the jeans a bit more causing the effect you described
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Looser jeans???? 38's????? I refuse - maybe i'll take a short break from buying anymore jeans till i do lose that weight. What's weird though is that these jeans are a lot looser than say my 5eps but my 5eps dont do this (at least not while standing).

or do they? when i get home i am trying on all my jeans.

i think i am just getting fat and am still in denial. that's it - no more food for me till this is rectified.
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Your pants sit right where your belly folds over when you sit. They're just conforming to your body. Sit and feel, the fold in your pants matches the fold in you. I have the same problem and I'm not fat (6 foot 160) but it's a combination of how my body is made and where my pants fall. If you wear you pants either higher or lower it would probably fix it, but the real solution is probably to wear good belt that comes close to filling the loops. Or loose some weight fat ass.
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