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Shoe soles

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I took a look at one of the new Allen Edmonds shoes, the good looking monk strap with just a single buckle. As much as I like the shoe, and its slightly burnished brown leather, I just can't quite warm up to the sole. It's a hybrid that combines a conventional leather sole and then a thin overlay of rubber. I'm almost inclined to get the shoe and then have it re-soled with plain leather.

This comes to mind because yesterday I saw a well-dressed man walking in shoes that featured this sort of hybrid sole. I was surprised to find myself thinking that the soles detracted from his otherwise handsome ensemble.

Does anyone else care about the sole of a shoe? I've attached a picture of the sole in question:
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Most of us don't like rubber on the soles. But if you have a long walking commute, particularly if you have to brave rain often, rubber is a practical alternative. The key is finding a good compromise. I own a pair of shoes that has a very thin rubber sole (Gucci ankleboots) that looks no different than a black leather. If the shoe pictured has a clunky rubber sole, I'd look for something more elegant. Resoling a pair of brand new AE's doesn't seem worthwhile; I'm sure you'll be able to find a comparable pair of monkstraps with a leather sole.
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I was looking at the exact same shoe just the other day on the AE website, and had a similar reaction when I saw the sole. Just know that you are not alone.
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I own a pair of A&E shoes with this sole. They call it "Tempest". It is very comfortable, lightweight and provides excellent traction thus eliminating slipping.

What comes to mind when I think of a rubber sole is the thick, heavy, inflexible
material that detracts from a shoe's appearance. Give the A&E Tempest a chance.
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It's similar to Dainite composite soles and is totally excusable/appropriate in a casual or fouler weather shoe. Also good for those who for whatever reason are not as sure of footing.

98% of people would never notice/care, and as long as the uppers are good quality and in good shape, the rest will understand.
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If it bothers you, then have it replace with leather. However, it looks like it would be a good shoe for rainy days.
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