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Mad Men Season 4

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thought this was kind of a fun waste of 5 minutes...

SCDP 'job interview'
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I'm very excited. I just hope I'm not let down.
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The pack I saved is waiting for me on my coffee table.

This will be an event to remember.
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do you have a rocks glass full of iced tea ready too?
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5 minutes!
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Wish I still had AMC. Gonna have to wait for the torrents.
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I am not gonna toss out any spoilers, but its interesting what a year does to Don. also- i forgot to turn on Closed Captioning, can anyone tell me the outro song?
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I definitely enjoyed it. And the ending was great. I have high hopes for the season.
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I liked it a lot. Don is still very much "the man", but he is vulnerable as well. The new agency rises and falls on him, and he knows it.
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My initial thoughts - I'm going to have to get used to this new office. REALLY different than the old one; a lot more like today's offices. And definitely every set in the episode had a lot more colours.

Draper, Cooper, Sterling, Pryce and Ms. Harris are relatively the same. Draper and Campbell go without pocket squares now it seems (damn it, is this the end of pocket squares?). Campbell goes pretty casual if it weren't for that raincoat on Sunday too.

Compared to the wooden pre-eminence of the previous office, Sterling's new desk looks like it was lifted from some Ikea catalogue or something. It actually clashes with his 3 piece. You'd think he would get something more dignified. The boardroom is laughable but maybe that was the intention. All throughout I was thinking, "Damn, did Sterling, Cooper and Draper know what they were getting into?" I guess seasons 1-3, I kept envying these men and their 9-5 job. Now, not so much.

Did anyone notice Peggy sitting on the table (couldn't imagine anyone doing this in the previous office) and the couch actually blocked some of the doorway?

Otherwise, outside of the few I mentioned, everyone is dressing in much more colourful outfits. It's actually making the men stand out as sore thumbs given some of the new staff don't even wear a suit. Harry is probably the best example of transformation. What a massive difference from Season 1 and the slicked back hair.

Henry Francis is wank. Still no sign of how Cosgrove figures into this.

The way the first episode is set up, they're going to have to do some Kodak carousel moments to stay afloat given the accounts they're losing or giving up.
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Jantzen ad would be considered iconic by todays standards. Something the impossible cool would post.
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That was pretty damn good. I think I like the new office. They're gonna have to do something with Betty soon, she's annoying as fuck. That woman (Henry's mom?) had her pegged. She's gotta grow or go. I'd like to see her grow, but I don't think it's very probable. John! Marsha!
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Maybe I wasn't in the right mood...maybe I was caught off guard by a new MM (totally forgot it was today), but I wasn't that blown away by the premiere.

I'm sure it'll get better, but today's wasn't all that.

The only interesting part was seeing Don get the 'SMH' treatment from everyone at work.
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