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i dont think they will.i think they are going to treat it as for example the farm was an entire season,prison will be another entire season and the governor another season they have to fill it out and stretch things out and the pacing and flow suffers.less talking more zombie killing please...

dammit. they're gonna shack up in a freaking prison?

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well im speculating whether it will be a whole season but yeah in the comic theres a prison.i actually think i twill be kinda cool to see,think about it.large maze like compound with dead ends and bars nowhere to go...its gonna be tense thats for sure.not to mention new characters,i know in the comic there were some new ones with different prisoners who were survivers etc and the shit really hit the fan (again)   

Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

dammit. they're gonna shack up in a freaking prison?


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A prison will be much more interesting that the current farmville utopia
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And would make a lot of sense.


Previews of next week look like what last week ep should have been - the group arguing about what to do with the kid and, with any luck, escalating into a violent split. If they take the GoT approach and smack Shane dead, the show would improve. Much as I like his character.



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Goddamn it Carl!

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i dont know whos most annoying,the wife,the kid or Dale.somebody need to shut that old fool do gooder up. 

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Had to laugh from the moment the kid started fooling with the motorcycle. Knew no good would come from his roaming around. Got to say though, when I was ten I'd probably be doing equally foolish things (at the least). Won't miss Dale though.
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Don't want to spoil the plot so: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The death of Dale leads me to believe that they will probably execute Randal the next episode.
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Nah, Randal won't be killed. I liked Dale and thought he was in the right. Biker is by far the best. Shane has two episode left, I have a feeling there will be shenanigans on his part.
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God this show is starting to fucking PISS me off.

People roam anywhere and everywhere by themselves. The kid has taken a gun and almost got himself killed yet NO ONE knows. He magically appears at the most opportune of times to FUCK shit up.

And if that stupid walker is strong enough to tear open a man's chest like that, how the fuck does it take it so much effort to get his feet out of fucking mud. Fucking dale was walking in a wide open field and just like that a walker manages to sneak up on him without making ANY sounds?


I actually liked Dale. The kid adds no value whatsoever.

Stupid fucking writing.
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i thought for sure we were going to see Dale swinging somewhere or eat his gun in the field after he said he couldn't be apart of "this kind of world" 

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and what the hell is the point of t-dog as a character
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Yeah don't get the point of his character.

I actually laughed a good deal from the 2nd half of the episode. When the ninja-zombie showed up out of nowhere I lol'd. Fun show.
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yeah, it's been painful lately. moves at a mad men's pace which is kind of unacceptable for a zombie show. even herschel's complete loss of balls makes little sense. he just submits to rick now? and the kid is awful, ditto almost everyone on the show except glen.
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When the zombie attacked Dale, I wanted to see someone walk up and ask Dale if he still wanted to be a part of this world. I thought Dale would be killed soon, will probably end up on Frank Darabont's new show along with Shane.
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