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Loved it. Can't wait for the rest of the season. 

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Being able to binge watch the series has its advantages when it comes to the complaints I saw while browsing the beginning of this thread. I find myself being immediately entertained by the next episode rather than having to wait and think about missteps in the previous one.

On the plus side my wife asked me "how much ammunition do we have?" while watching the first season. Maybe she'll want a case of 5.56 for Christmas.

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Had the same experience when I binge watched seasons 1–3 a few years back, until I caught up to real time.
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The gun battle scenes get worse with each episode. The characters have been shooting moving zombies with handguns for 3 seasons, but can't hit a human from 20ft with a rifle.

Andrea is the worst character on the show. She should have died in season 2.
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I don't think gun scenes were ever a strength of this show.

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Watching the AMC marathon.
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Please, AMC, take me back to the Ricktatorship and leave these California weenies behind to die.

Except Daniel.
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