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Awful episode. That last shot made me laugh out loud because it was so stupid.
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I disagree. It was a decent episode.
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Originally Posted by Joffrey View Post

Are you really advocating just mindlessly hauling anything you see? You really want to waste valuable space by mistakenly hauling 60 bottles of sleeping pills instead of specific drugs or antibiotics? It was actually smart to operate with a wish list so you can load up on what you actually need.
The show has been somewhat consistent with the issue of fuel. Not sure how with low fuel a dozen or so people are meant to "scour every building within 100 miles". 100 miles is fucking far. So let's say they did that and found a ton of shit. How many trips on low fuel would it take to get all the "useful" items back to the prison? It seems the prison is actually pretty secure from the outside (apart from the shady fences), their present problem is the virus/flu. Not sure what you expect them to do with that.

Hate to play devils advocate for a mediocre though entertaining show but some of the criticisms are bizarre. Like checking the radio. How much screen time over 3/4 seasons do you want them to dedicate to scanning a radio? How do you know they don't already do it (and the writer/director) but it's just not aired? Perhaps the show is stupid because they haven't shown the outhouse or pit the characters use? I don't see anyone complaining about nightmares or lack of sleep or migraines (these are common to some extent I believe) should I be concerned???

GF didn't suggest blowing off a wish list and just assembling a random grab bag. Your response attacks a total straw man. The point is that once you've collected everything on the list, as long as you can still carry more, why not grab additional meds that maybe you don't need to treat this particular flu but that might possibly come in handy later? I mean, there's a reason somebody stocked that stuff in the first place.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Governor, he is back DAMNIT!
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Wow. Worst episode by far. I wish I could just stop watching. But next episode might have some plot in it....
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Hmm, that was actually my favorite episode in recent memory, with some solid action throughout (Rick and son mowing down walkers side by side, Herschel clearing the cell block) and the return of the Governor at the end.

The prison still seems like the best possible place for them to be, if they'd just keep the walkers by the fence under control and would keep the cell doors closed in the infirmary. Oh yeah, and if they can get the illness under control with the newly acquired meds. Only reasons I can see them leaving: to get away from the infection (though it's hard to believe they haven't all been exposed by now) or to escape whatever the Governor has planned.
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I hate the Governor. Such a pussy compared to his comic book counter-part.
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hmmm those walkers on the fence... why can't they think of a way for them to not actually lean on the fence?
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Originally Posted by acidboy View Post

hmmm those walkers on the fence... why can't they think of a way for them to not actually lean on the fence?

Because they're dumber than a bag of hammers.
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Not bad this episode.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Not bad this episode.

Best of the season. Not too cringe-worthy, actual character development, and -gasp- something actually happened.
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That was a fantastic episode.


Felt good to have a break from Rick and company.

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This is one of my favorite comics and just won the Eisner Award for best series. I might have to go back and read the original issues since the story is so far along.


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