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Wasn't into it. I'll stick with it (especially since I just shelled out for the iTunes season pass), but I hope it gets better.
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This is not satisfying my Breaking Bad jones at all.angry.gif
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Mediocre opener, pretty predictable.
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He liked his fingers first.
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You people are creeping me out.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

He liked his fingers first.


My guess is the food supply is tainted. Maybe someone is trying to sabotage them by feeding the pigs dead walker meat.

Air-borne version of the virus? That wouldn't make sense though, show would be over after one or two eps.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

I assumed they were just undermining working assumptions (both for the characters and for the audience) setting up a new tension point around the fact that the virus apparently now can now attack and kill/turn live people (just like they introduced the concept in Season 2 that folks can carry the virus and turn upon death even if they haven't been bitten).

Funny, I assumed that the dead and sick pigs suggested some sort of swine/human influenza. The kid just got sick, slipped in the shower while ill and reanimated normally.

I know I should get over it, but considering that the writers are trying to show that the survivors have been fortifying/prepping for walker combat, I can't help being annoyed by the lack of basic precautions.

They still walk around without even basic clubs. They have time to grow a fucking garden but they don't all have a spear/club with their name on it with them at all times? And why in hell wouldn't they lock down the cell blocks at night? Or make a perimeter of cars around the fence to keep walkers from piling against it?

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Fuck me, I hate this show.


Can someone explain how 20 fucking zombies wandering aimlessly on a roof manage to avoid the soft spots until just the right moment? Oh right, shitty writers.



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^ Yeah, that was pretty egregious. If the roof was that rotten, a military helicopter crashing on it would have brought it down before a zombie footstep.

I usually have no problem suspending disbelief, but that scene was hard to swallow.
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That scene bugged me as well, same with that random woman. After all this rick's really going to risk his life over some woman who is very obviously trying to pull one over on him.
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Just finished watching the episode and one thing I noticed was that the dead kid in the showers had blood running out of his eyes, which we normally never saw with other walkers. Now, I didn't think much of it until I saw the next episode's preview: it's pretty clear that he reanimates and wreaks havoc within the cell block and one split scene showed a 'fresh' walker woman with blood running out of her eyes.

There was also that one walker at the fences that Rick glanced at twice in the episode: the one with the fucked up eye balls.

Maybe it's a new type of virus?

In terms of shit to complain about, I really didn't get the point of that woman and her brief escapade with Rick. Cringe-worthy acting on her part, too. And total facepalm when all the walkers on the supermarket roof just dropped down like fresh turds. That was a dumb scene.
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Agreed—the scenes with that lady and Rick were pretty worthless.
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Maggie and Beth still the hottest sisters on television.
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Beth is the young blond one? Maggie's definitely a cutie.
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Beth is definitely cuter, IMO. She has nice BJ eyes.

Also, I hope Darrel and Carol DON'T start something romantic. Ew.
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