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The Walking Dead (AMC)

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looks fucking awsome ,what a great idea to do a zombies series..oh and yeah doesnt the 5th pic down from top look like Jim Carrey?
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Looks great

For those that never read the comic, it's not a zombie story. It's a post-apocalyptic story. The zombies have very little to do with the day to day events that happen to the survivors. The comic is a bit contrived in the first few volumes, but gets more realistic later on. One thing I like about Kirkman, the writer, is that he's never afraid to kill off his chars, even if people love them. People will die left and right with little buildup, making the world more depressing.
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i'm afraid of the possible necrophilia.
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Awesome. This is one of my favorite comics and just won the Eisner Award for best series. I might have to go back and read the original issues since the story is so far along.
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I cannot wait for this show. I have been waiting for it for months now, almost a year even.
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oh. shit. I might have to re-up my cable for AMC alone.
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Isn't there a chic with dreads in this?
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Sweet, AMC has a lot of good shows... Mad Men, Breaking Bad, now this hopefully.
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^I put that up last night when I made the thread, it's under all the pics with huge font above it, lol.
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This is going to be great. I just got caught up with the comic, and it's easily become one of my all time favorites. I am going to be glued to the TV while this is on.
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I read the entire series over the course of a couple days. I cannot wait for this.
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If it isn't strictly zombies I may watch, I just can't do this post-apocalyptic zombies all over the place eating brains stuff.
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