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Does anybody use their indoor grill?

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If so, why and what for?
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I used it in the very beginning (to grill lamb chops and a bistecca) but the smoke invasion and beeping detectors are just too much of a hassle.
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I haven't used mine in years - especially since I got a good cast iron grill pan - but it was mainly used as a substitute for an outdoor grill during the cold Canadian winter.
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I use mine a lot. mainly to grill veggies like asparagus and carrots when im not prepared to fire up the charcoal grill for it. I dont have a gas grill outside anymore since i prefer everything charcoal has to offer, (flavor, ritual, smoke etc.) so if i do quick things like fish or, god forbid, hot dogs, i'll use it for that too. for real proteins it's always charcoal grill for me.
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Nope - we grill outdoors year-round.
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Are you talking stove-top built in or george foreman style?
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Often, in the winter -- fish, veg, hamburgers, any sauce-laden "grilled" item which some mistakenly call BBQ, Kebabs, shrimp, etc. It even does a decent steak. Apart from some salmon, I've never served guests anything grilled in the house, so maybe that says something. However, when you cook day in and day out for your family, it's nice to have that relatively convenient option available. Yes, though, you can set off the smoke detectors, even with a 48" 1100CFM blower. ~ H
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Received a George Foreman grill one Christmas. We used it once or twice for salmon and maybe burgers, IIRC. Only used it a few times before parting with it.
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why wouldn't you use it?
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My vent hood will only pull the smoke from 2 hamburgers. Anymore sets off the smoke alarms.

I use the griddle more often.
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- George Foreman: never
- Stove Top: rarely since it's too smoky and I guess our ventilation hood is not strong enough.
- Charcoal: always from early spring to late fall. It's very fast to set up if you're used to it. About 1 minute to set things up, and another 10-12 minutes for the charcoal to heat up (using chimney), pretty much equal the time for marinating food. Also, the smoky flavor is wonderful.
- Gas: I don't plan to get one...
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I would use one if I had a really cool inferred deals with grates and everything.

I have a grill pan that I use for steaks, burgers and paninis when I want to use more delicate flavors that would be lost to charcoal.
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griddle / "simmer plate" >> "char-grill"
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yeah, I use mine.
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I use mine all the time, but that is to change soon. I don't like the smell created from grilling indoors.
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