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What shoes look good with a sweater, dark jeans and a light blue button down in the winter time? I know mocs and loafers look good in the fall, spring and summer, but in the winter, what do you recommend?

Also, where can i find some good slim fitting casual button downs that aren't too too much? Is Jcrew decent? I am a size 14-14.5.
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I was thinking of these two pairs. The sneakers for more casual wear.



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Where do you live? Winter is a very different thing in different parts of the country. The first boots are nice looking, the Pumas, not so much. Winter is a time for sturdy footwear.
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I spend Aug-Dec in Philadelphia, Dec-Jan in Paris, Feb-April in Philadelphia, May-June in Paris and July-August in New York. That gives you my yearly location schedule so you know if I can use them all year round.
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You get snow and wintery type weather in Philly yes? Not a lot but boots would seem to be appropriate, agian, the first pair looked nice. I honestly don't know what a winter in Paris is like and I don't know if any particular shoe/boot would look too 'American' or if that would even be an issue so any advice I give has that in mind. I think a good chukka boot would work as well. Alden makes some nice (not cheap though) chukkas that have a good sturdy winter look about them. Everybody seems to make a chukka though so the options are wide open really.
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where can i find these type of boots in deerskin or calfskin leather?
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Chelsea boots or monkstraps can be both dressed down and if need be dressed up.
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