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I Just Bought JUST a Tuxedo Jacket! now save me from my gf!

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kk, to start off, let me just say that my usual style is a bright colored dress shirt, dress pants, a blazer and when im in the mood to spice things up, maybe a sweater vest and/or a tie....
sooo... i was shopping and i saw a good deal on just a Tuxedo JACKET, thinking i could wear it with something from my wardtobe and pull it off, but my girlfriend freaked when i came home and wants me to return it...
kk my point: She said if i can show her an outfit in which it would work i could keep it, so i need the perfect outfit.. so any ideas?
thanks so much!
P.S. im a total newbie so if didnt follow any of the forum rules im sorry....
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o btw, if this helps its a single breasted, single button jacket with a center vent...
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Jeans and that's about it. And, the center vent, in and of itself, warrants a return.
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Well, tuxedo jackets are meant to be worn as...tuxedo jackets. They're not intended for use as a sportcoat. The only time you should wear a dinner jacket is when it's paired with the correct trouser, bowtie & formal shirt.

You'd be wise to return it, since you won't be able to craft an outfit around the DJ
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Yeah, unless it's a white dinner jacket with no satin facings, I don't think you're going to get much wear out of it. You should especially return it if it's a notched lapel monstrosity. Unlike what GQ may tell you, you should choose a shawl or peaked lapel for dinner jackets.
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I mean, you could do the whole rockstar chic thing, but that's hard to pull off. Does she want you to return it because it was particularly expensive or does it just offend her sensibilities?
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lol, well i was thinking of going for that whole rockstar chic thing, maybe jeans and a studded belt, it really wasnt that expensie (probably cuz of the missing pants), so let me know what would work,
but i think im gonna return it cuz i love my gf and she puts up with a lot of my other, um, bold outfits...
thanks a lot guys
im so glad i joined this forum!
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Return it for a 3 button Navy/midnight blue Navy sportcoat in nice cut.
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i'm going to side with your girlfriend on this...
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Better return it and restore domestic peace. Tux jackets are too much of a novelty item to get a lot of use out of it.
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I have seen a guy here in his early 20's wearing jeans a colorful tee and a black dinner jacket..... he looked good for a night in the disco, kind of rock'n'roll attitude... Me I couldn't do it I am in my early 40's
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i think it'd look awesome...only to go clubbing though..can't really think of any other occasion i'd use something like that
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me too clubing bar etc but if i was gonna get a dj definatly shaul collar and in midnight purple it would go great with a black t and vintage 1947 levis 501's
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Get tuxedo pants custom made to match.
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Originally Posted by demo5
Get tuxedo pants custom made to match.

Virtually impossible to get a correct fabric match.
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