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I like the harder-finished worsteds and worsted woollens from English mills to the (generally) Italian-made Supers.  The really exquisite fabrics just don't have the drape and substance and longevity these (admittedly fustier) English mill cloths have, IMHO.
Any recommendation of some mills / labels that produce these harder-finished suiting fabrics? I saw a Vestimenta suit made of significantly harder-finished wool crepe and I was quite impressed by its resistance to wrinkle, and I suppose it'd be very durable too. Since Vestimenta is an Italian maker, would that be reasonable to assume that the fabric is Italian? I think this would be the same suit on ebay but I'm not 100% positive.
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Are there any websites, aside from Holland & Sherry's and Scabal's, of fabric mills? Specifically, I am looking for sites featuring pictures of various fabrics.
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I'm curious: who weaves Kiton's Diamante Blue fabrics? All I know is that it is a British weaver.
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My favorite goods to tailor has been consistently from Vitale Barberis. Their REVENGE S130s is a best seller for me day in and day out, wears extremely well, tailors exceptional, travels well and always get repeat orders. I sell a 2-piece suit in this goods for (US)$2998.00. Zegna's 15mil15 is also a nice goods to tailor and Loro Piana's Tazmanian 120s. Anything above 150s is overkill, tailors terrible, dollar to value ratio drops quickly and is usually a case of "mine is bigger."
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William Halstead in Bradford make that cloth for Kiton

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post 33 reply William Halstead in Bradford make that cloth for Kiton

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