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My HK made Keaton Collar Pics

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Jantzen. I didn't specify anything, Ricky claimed to know what to do.

However it didn't really come out looking too right?? also was supposed to be contrast collar but he botched that too.

Oh well.

and finally me looking all anime

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Hmm...yeah something doesn't look right there. Aside from a weird collar (perhaps your definitions of Keaton collars differ), the shirt fits you well. Which fabric is that? Love the last picture; suit fits you well, is it tailored/bespoke?
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Thread Starter you kow exactly the specs for a keaton collar? I would like to find out for sure. From what I see, first of all the keaton collars look weird with too high a collar band, and theres a more sharksfin curved angle. ...also..perhaps longer collar points? I'm not too sure which fabric it is, Its a herringbone of some sort. I get access to jantzen locally, so I can't help you out with the number sorry Its a Jantzen suit as well
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Notwhithstanding the contrasting collar issue, I'm not sure what's wrong with the shirt. Looks like a Keaton to me, though the spread is perhaps a little wider on the Keaton.
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I think it looks good, and I think I like it much better than with a contrasting collar. The Keaton looks bad, in my humble opinion, with the collar band showing as much as it does.
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I like it. I have a white keaton from rlpl, and I was thinking about making another through Jantzen, since polo doesn't offer many fabric choices. Bummer about the collar mix up, but your shirt still looks very nice!
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I like it without the contrast.
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Another vote in favor of the collar you have -- not a fan of contrasting collars at all. Shirt looks pretty good.
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I like it
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Originally Posted by zjpj83
I like it

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I'm not sure I like the Keaton collar. It seems almost costumey in how spread it is. The fact that he messed up making a contrasting collar has kind of solidified my decision to not use Jantzen.
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here ia the famed keaton TD yours is close!
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It seems slightly baggy at the waist or so.

However, I think it would look better with a more colorful tie.
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Nice...very nice!
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Can anyone spot the technical differences of the two collars. I would like to modify it some more to resemble it more. Also, once I get it perfected, I can tell ricky to put a "number" on it so you guys can order it online yea? Should be going to Jantzens today. will try to make another Closer to spec keaton collar. har har
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