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Identity of shoemaker - AB?

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I just received a pair of used shoes from ebay. My first wholecuts. I have no idea who the maker is - initially I thought it was 'Arthur Barker' because on the insole there is a motif which consists of a cursive AB in capitals, in a circle that is topped by a crown. However the sole says 'Lavorazione Originale' which suggests it's an Italian brand, and here I'm lost. Anyone any ideas please? Thanks

PS the shoes are nice.
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you need to post the link or pictures, otherwise this is a waste of time.
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Yes, I agree, please post pictures so that the various shoe aficionados who frequent this forum can more than likely point you to the maker of your new shoes.
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Here you go, sorry for wasting your time

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Hey ChoboChobo,
I'm no expert. I defer to Jcusey and others. But I've got a feeling they might be Bespoke. Do they have a size marking?

I like them better than the EG's you lost out on. Enjoy them!
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Yes, as I said I was quite excited about getting my first pair of wholecuts. I hadn't thought of them being bespoke but the lack of any other markings suggests that you may indeed be correct. Luckily they fit me perfectly

Ref the EGs, I quite liked the look of them - a little different from the usual brogue/wingtips. I'm not sure if the sale went through in the end; if they have to be relisted then I don't think the price will go as high.
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