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What's in Your Travel Bag?

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So, an upcoming flight to Germany has me thinking about this question: What are the items in your travel bag/carry-on that are staples of said bag and help you bide the time on long flights. I know, personally for me, I've always got a book and a couple of magazines, some nuts (cashews, almonds, soy nuts, etc.) to snack on and my iPod.
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my iPad
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For my flights to China, I like to bring 3-4 novels, a laptop, a few boxes of ramen noodles in case the food is unusually sub par (I one found what resembled hay in my fish in my United business class), a Nintendo DS, and my iPod Touch.

I should get one of those things I see in Skymall, the charger adapters that plug into the headphone slot, but I honestly think power sockets in planes are the wave of the future so it is relatively unnecessary.
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for extended trips:
noise canceling headphones and portable dvd player/laptop
protein bars
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everything people have posted, + a change of clothes (shirt / socks / UW) and deodorant, because all that running around the airport can make one sweaty. i'll often change in the plane, or wherever i have a change of planes.
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noise canceling headphones
magazine or book
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Audiotechina ath m50 headphones
iphone recharger thingy
valerian root and benadryl to sleep
whatever mens magazines look readable in the terminal, usually details/esquire/gq...I stay far away from those "style" sections though =/
extra undershirt and underwear to change into before underwear can change your mood for the better no matter what. I prefer Uniqlo.
pretty much the headphones take up the entire bag.
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half a girlfriend (travel bag you know...). Sometimes it's tough deciding if I should bring the top of the bottom. Bottom usually wins.
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iPod Touch
Bose noise canceling earphones
Granola bar
Currency for both locations
Phone charger-very important
Change of clothes
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i always keep a shoe polishing cloth in my bags. might get a scuff in those close quarters. condoms too
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depends on the country for most destinations...stable/western lets call regular laptop, toiletries bag, 2nd phone, granola bars (+1 who takes them too) for middle east/ certain places in asia: panasonic hardbook, satellite link, gps module (like a beeper but with lat/long), crappy "e-z meals", iridium phone edit, forgot: bose headphones, and batteries to all devices, always
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and accompanying plug, surely? to power it on, of course.
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