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Originally Posted by sjmin209 View Post

Plus effing one.

Originally Posted by bigbris1 View Post
skrimps. And skrippers.

My fiancée and I say this all the time as a joke. Do people actually call them skrimps?
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Also, people who confuse "everyday" and "every day"
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utilize impact (verb) and it's various spin-offs. i got a press release the other day where somebody wrote "impactful".
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in addition to my 'aks' contribution....'hurted'
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their there they're everyone is mixed up with these words.
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Though I am a bit guilty of using the words, the amount of times I've heard people throw around "objective" to enforce their opinion, "subjective" to condemn someone elses or to allow their opinion, and "relative" to the same end; makes my blood boil.
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^On a similar note, I see a lot of people using the word relatively, but it's not relative to anything.
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Japanese shop staff make stupid mistakes a lot and it drives me nuts.

Proper humble Japanese would be "this is what will become used by you," ご利用になります。 But when serving food they just plug in a noun and it becomes something such as "this will become coffee." if it's going to become coffee, then what the fuck is it now? Am I allowed to drink it? There is a polite form, コーヒーでございます, which is actually understandable, and basically means "this is your coffee."
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When people use tact instead of tack, as in "maybe you should try a different tact." It's so misused that I'm afraid the descriptivists will start calling it correct.
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Threak j/k, but from what I have found is this is a SF-exclusive meme... what are it's origins?? oh and here's one. When people say '...with baited breath'. It's bated, fools!
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