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Silk and cashmere blend sweaters

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I was looking at some silk and cashmere blend sweaters at Banana Republic the other day and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. I think they are 85% silk and 15% cashmere. I know BR isn't known for the greatest quality but I'm in college and can't afford much much. I think they would be nice to wear as a lighter weight layer.

Also, can they be hand washed? Their site says dry clean only but I'd rather check here first.
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I had a cashmere blend sweater from Express (around the same quality level I suppose) and it shed so much even after a few wearings that I returned it. I've heard the same thing from a friend about a BR cashmere sweater. That said, they were both a high percentage of cashmere, so 15% might not give you the same problems.
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They aren't too bad. I have a couple (purchased dirt cheap on sale) that haven't experienced any quality issues. They're nice for fall/winter, especially if you know you'll be spending a lot of time inside and the warmth of pure cashmere isn't necessary. I reccomend them with a hearty OCBD.
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They are fine quality sweaters and can be washed on the gentle cycle in your washer with Woolite and dried on the delicate dryer cylce.
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I can't stand silk sweaters... some people will tell you that silk is a warm weather fabric, however the truth is it doesn't breathe well.
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I agree. Silk makes a great thermal layer for the winter.
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Originally Posted by Mike C.
I can't stand silk sweaters... some people will tell you that silk is a warm weather fabric, however the truth is it doesn't breathe well.
I've got a Mexx 70% silk 30% cotton sweater for dirt cheap on sale... but it has a peculiar smell... I don't like it.. even I noticed it gives the same smell to other clothes when put together... I washed carefully by hand but is still stinky... somebody has this experience ?
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Sounds like raw silk. You're smelling the protien. Try dry cleaning it.
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I've got a black one from last season, won't last you more than 1 or 2 seasons. Mine is piling pretty bad and I think it's begining to develop a small hole in the back. However, the price is right, and I like the fit.

this season's could be better, and the 100% cashmere's should be better as well.

The smell seems to have gotten worse with dry cleaning. I don't mind it though.
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I have a bunch from Loro Piana. The silk/cashmere blend is very warm even when the fabric is thin. I have found that Dryel works well with these.
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I don't know that much about the Silk/Cashmere Blend BR sweaters. And I know that BR isn't held in the highest esteem here on the Forum.

But, last winter I received 3 100% Cashmere sweaters from BR as Gifts. They were from a step-daughter so I was pre-disposed to like them no matter what! But, they really have been great and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They might not be Pringle, but they're certainly not crap.

As to the Silk/Cashmere Blends, I intuitively think that a greater percentage of Cashmere than 15% would be required, for the sweaters to hold up well.
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Are these the thin luxury blend ones? I picked up a couple for $19 each and so far they have been great. They fit slimly, don't add bulk, and are good layering items. I haven't worn them long enough to notice any misshapping, but for that price I don't really care if they don't last me several years.

If you can get them cheap, highly recommended.
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Great thing about BR items is that the sales are frequent. But I would look at J Crew for cashmere before BR.
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