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IC: 42L Hermes grey suit

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Yesterday - I was in a thrift earlier today and they had an Hermes suit. Mid to dark 2 or 3 button SB in grey fabric with a napped / fulled flannel-like finish, and with at least some cashmere in the mix. Size was a 42L (built for working cuffs and not opened, but at least a 26.5 so if you're a 42S/R you could probably bypass them entirely), and condition seemed very decent with no noticeable faults. Sorry for the lack of detail but they were closing and I already had two sportcoats for myself. They knew what they had, otherwise I'd have picked it up and flipped it. To get out of the deal with enough for a coffee and a sandwich I'd need to ask $200 shipped worldwide, so I just wanted to gauge interest? I can swing by on my way home tomorrow if there are enough interested parties to ensure a sale. Today - Photos will be uploaded in a moment (sorry, a bit shoddy). Measurements as follows (as best I could take them with a steel measure, my wife has 'borrowed' both my tailors measures); Fabric is c. 11/12oz, 28% cashmere, 70% wool and 2% lycra. 3/2 roll jacket with double vents and ticket pocket. 22.5" underarm 20.5" jacket waist 26.25" sleeves 18" shoulders 32" BoC 33.5" total length Flat front trousers with belt loops and braces buttons, change pocket, and two front and two rear (buttoned) pockets. Straight (uncuffed) hem. 32" waist, 4" 'spare' so probably 3" to let out 32" inseam with 3" 'spare' so probably 2.5" to let down. I've checked the suit over carefully and there are no rips, tears, stains or holes that I can see, and no noticeable wear.
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I'm sure people would be interested. I'd be interested depending on measurements.
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pm sent
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