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Another - Review my Jantzen Fit

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I ordered this shirt a few months ago, and I think I need some adjustments. It fits a little tight on my shoulders when I put my arms forward (like when typing) and seems a bit tight around my chest/wrists. It is also a bit short in the sleeves. I wanted to get some input on how/how much I should adjust it.
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More room in the shoulders longer sleeves. I don't know about you but I like to be able to actually move in my shirts not the tight as a pair of compression shorts bull shit
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are the sleeves actually short because the sleeve opening is too small? It seems to be short because its resting on that spot on ur hand
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Very nice fit in the body - that's how I like my shirts to fit. My Jantzen is cut like that as well. Did you specify 'form fit' on the order form?

You are in shape - show it off, don't hide it under a baggy shirt. Maybe ask for a bit more allowance in the areas that are uncomfortably tight.
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It actually looks like it fits pretty well. If the sleeve seem to catch when you move your arms forward, it could be that the armholes are a little low, and/or the sleeves a little narrow.
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There is something funky going on at the back of your collar. Perhaps you don't have it folded down completely. I'd go longer on the sleeves. It looks pretty fitted in the chest and waist. I might go slimmer in the upper arms and go with a higher armhole.

Which fabric is that?
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I think it looks pretty good. Tight fit vs loose fit is all about personal preference.

The sleeves might be slightly on the short side, but if they look good with a jacket on, then I think it`s perfect.
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don't widen the shoulders, they're wide enough.
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The fit looks fine in the pictures.
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I think it mostly looks good, the only thing that is bothering me for some reason is the upper arm. It looks like the upper arm odesn't fit the same way as the rest of the shirt - like it's looser somehow. Normally, this wouldn't really matter because it's a personal preference on how you like your shirt to fit, but if the whole shirt is going to be tight then the upper arm should be tight as well or else it kind of throws things off.
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