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Women's fashion

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i know this is a men's forum, but i thought it would be fun for us to vent our pet peeves about what we hate to see women wearing. i'll start: 1) pointy shoes. aside from looking bitchy, they give me the impression that the woman must have horribly deformed toes from wearing those things. 2) hats 3) those large watches many are wearing lately 4) that black belt with spikes (yes, i believe it's the exact same one) that every denim clad chick and guy seem to have in their wardrobe. 5) boxer shorts, though that fad is fading. i'll think of more later, but i've omitted the obvious ones like khakis and polo shirts.
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Im totally with you on the pointy shoes. I don't see how they even manage to walk with those 6-inch pointers. (I know it's fashion, and according to Veblen's "Theory of the Leisure Class" it's supposed to be uncomfortable.) Also, those J.Lo looking type of glasses, with the huge frames and the sort. Yeah I know their hot in Europe, but we are neither there or anywhere remotely close to their style. Finally...those little (I like to call them) raver hats. I think they are called poor-boy hats in the fashion world.  Girls think that wearing one of them makes them automatically look cute.  At first I thought they were, but like everything, they were over-done.
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This is definetely an interesting post so I thought I would respond to it. There are lots of things I can think of that I can't stand to see girls wearing, especially being away at college and seeing some of the ways that some of the girls dress. I think the biggest thing are those spikey looking belts as matadorpoeta said. I think those things look so ugly and oppose anything that is feminine. I also get tired of seeing girls (well guys are guilty of this too) wear flip flop sandals. I can understand wearing them in the shower or perhaps on the beach, but not out in public such as going to class. I just think they look waaay to casual. What amazes me is that girls wear them even in the winter. It will be 40 degrees outside and they will sport the flip flop sandals as if they were going to the beach on some warm 90 degree day. Another fashion I see alot in college is girls wearing there pajama bottoms to class....definetely worse then wearing pointy toed shoes, which don't bother me as much. I think overall girls, especially in college, get way to relaxed when it comes to their appearance.
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I'll lump all my pet peeves into "inappropriate clothing". My prime example would be: if a certain pair of jeans makes rolls of fat blob out over the waistband, it's hardly flattering. In the same vein, bras that are too small or poorly chosen do not flatter a woman's assets either.
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Flip flops are something I am tired of not just on women, but on men as well. Another thing a lot of girls wear that needs to be stopped are the velour pants that say something on the ass. Whether it be 'princess' or 'juicy'. It needs to be stopped. I'm not a fan of the whole campus crew/look like an elementary student look either. Stop shopping at Campus Crew and Old Navy, please. Wedge sandals are okay, but I've seen some so large that they look totally out of proportion. I'm sure I could think of other things too...
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I'm not sure what everyone's talking about when they mention the 'spiky' belts girls everywhere are wearing. Anyone have a pic? Maybe it's because I'm an unreconstructed boor or never shed adolescence (hey, I graduated college only in May.), but I've got few problems with short-shorts with lettering on the back. I'll concede that it's annoyingly inappropriate if the girl is nowhere near a gym. As I've written elsewhere, I'm tired of the whole Juicy Couture phenomenon. It was mildly interesting at first, but now everyone and their mother (literally) wears Juicy, or more likely a poor Abercrombie knockoff. Pajama bottoms for class can be cute, but unless the class is sometime before noon, it's kinda sloppy. Then again, I've rolled out of bed and shown up to class with massive (and real) bedhead, a quasi-clean T and the same jeans I'd been wearing for a few days, so I'm teetering dangerously close to hypocrisy. Otherwise, my current distastes in women's fashion can be summed up this way: anything the typical sorority/JAPpy girl prances in all over campus, mobile phone stapled to the side of her head. And in my three years at a school full of such fine specimens, I've seen it all. Not that I'd prefer girls perfectly primped all the time--there's something to be said for a little rock-and-roll loucheness in the mix--but as Davei said, appropriateness (and originality) is key. Rant sidebar: Not sure if this has actually caught on or exists solely in Nylon's pages, but the opaque colored tights look is decidedly unsexy.
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These 'spiky' belts that were mentioned are more studded that spiky, really. They are mostly associated with the 'punk' and 'skater' look. You've seen them before, I'm sure. They have studded bracelets and chokers as well.
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I personally really think that pointed shoes are the best looking of any shoe there is for women. Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, and such are the most aesthetically pleasing of the majority of shoes that people wear these days.
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I really can't stand capri pants - they look ridiculously stupid, whether on men or women. Also, I think the belts we are talking about are studded belts, not spiked - the black or brown belts with two lines of studded metal holes around the belt. I'm not a fan of these belts when worn with the typical "punk" ensemble, but I saw a guy in a sharp black suit with a studded belt a few weeks ago and he actually looked pretty good.
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Well one can credit the invention of capri pants to the esteemed designer Emilio Pucci. Quite frankly I don'y find them that hideous as women who wear baggy jeans or as mentioned pajama pants . As for those belts yes I believe they are studded not spiked. I do not like them, and I see them on every generic "hip" or "chic" female person from high school to 30 year olds. As for an actual spiked belt if you will look at Fendi's 2001 collection for women there is a pure spiked belt there. It is a wide piece of patent leather with two actual pointed steel spikes on the side. Other looks I think that should be stopped are the outfits that every single teenager to 20 year olds wear. It consists of flared, semi or otherwise, jeans, tight small t-shirt, and a pair of faux skater type shoes. Also those shorts or pants with printed messages. Perhaps I'll think of more.
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I think there is a little misunderstanding here with the studded belts. Are we talking about the circle 'hole' studs? Or the small pyramid like studded belts? I'm definitely not a fan of the hole studs (I know they have a proper name, but I'm drawing a blank here), but I think the pyramid studded belts can look good when worn with the proper outfit.
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I second Sevcom's comments about those irritating short shorts with letters on the rear end. Quite frankly I think they look sleazy because they scream "LOOK AT MY ASS..." I can't say that I think pajama bottoms for class look cute. Call me stuffy, but I just like to see girls that take care of the way they look and dress well, and that's usually hard to find in college. I have noticed that the Asian girls seem to be much more feminine and take care of their attire then most American students.
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I just wanted to reaffirm how stupid the shorts with the writing on the butt are. It's really too commmon at college. I overheard one girl discussing with her friend about how she thought it was so clever to wear the ones that say "JUICY" (I was recently informed that this is a pricey brand). Here's that girl's piece of mind : "Yeah.. I like em because it's not just like the brand name. It's like 'Hey my butt is juicy' haha." Simply stunning.  There's this one girl that my friends and I encounter enough to realize that she never wears anything but the Juicy shorts. Needless to say, we now refer to her as "Juicy."  Now, something I really don't like. OK, I'm fine with flip flops. They're really comfortable, and most people can pull them off. But they are for mainly knocking around, not going out on the town. What I don't like is the women's platform flip flops. I've seen soles that were -- at least -- 3 inches high... Wouldn't that be extra hard to manage in a flip flop? I don't know why, but I think I would have a really tough time trusting or taking seriously someone who wears those...
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Speaking of trusting and taking someone seriously, I would have a hard time trusting a girl who enjoys wearing skimpy shorts with writing directly on her ass. Way too much attention getting and that is a turn off. Those are also the kinds of girls who go out and get drunk and then talk about it. No class at all.
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I have to disagree with most of you, pointed shoes on women look fabulous if it was up to me I'd have my gf wearing it all the time. Also tight boxer shorts/ hot pants are a refreshing change from the usual thongs so I'm all for it, not that I don't like thongs. Now what really disturbs me is denim skirts, I don't know if it's just me or something but I think skirts should be kept formal. Another thing is that I really really can't stand to see panty lines, it must be the nastiest thing besides Britney Spears. Also I have said this before but it's worth repeating, college girls who combine a Northface/Nautica/University crested backpack with a designer handbag should be gathered up and sent to Moscow...
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