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Does anyone know anything about Has anyone ever purchased anything from them? What is the quality like? (Blazers, Sportcoats, etc).

I believe that many of their products are made by Skopes? What are the thoughts about them?

Thanks For Your Help!
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Hi Ltd II


I am the owner of EshopOne and SuitsMen and so although this an old thread, reply in the hope I can help smile.gif


EshopOne is no longer a live site.  We rebuilt the shop a few years ago on the SuitsMen domain, as it was more appropriate, and it was time to build a site that performed better for our Customers.


We offer free delivery in the UK, and free returns, so are prepared to stand by our products with our money.  If you do not like them, or they do not fit, we will refund.  (no credit notes here, unlike several high street shops).


I hope this helps.  Please drop by and phone or email us if I can help further. We major in Mens Suits, as well as selling many other items for the smarter Gentleman.Our phone is 01335 361287.  A local line, that is free to dial from most home phones.








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